6 Bay Laptop Shipping Case

Dimensions (in inches)
Interior: 29 x 14 x 14

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Part Number: ZR-ZECP2914-0905W
Availability: Usually ships in 5-6 weeks

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ZECP2914-0905 ZERO 6 Bay Laptop Shipping Case is the Transitainer case with foam interior configured to 1.75 in. slots to safely transport 6 laptop and notebook computers. Zero Laptop Shipping Cases contain an integrated insert that combines the highest quality foams with rigid partitioning that yields exceptional protection. for laptop computers and accessories during shipment. The interior functions as a integrated protection system that anticipates and compensates for external and internal forces likely to occur durring shipment. This roto-molded shipping case provides better protection than solid foam interiors, they also take up less space, and decrease the required case size for a given number of laptops.

ZERO Laptop Shipping Cases features include; Made from rotationally molded polyethylene plastic, zinc hardware, uniform wall thickness, extra rugged corner construction, recessed hardware for added protection, spring-loaded and rattle proof handles with 90° stops, cam action latches are standard with optional locking hasps, gasketed construction with integral tongue and groove closure interlocks top and bottom for environmental protection, integrally molded tongue and groove closure for a watertight seal and interlocking ribs on top and bottom allow for stacking of containers.

Color: Olive Drab (call for custom colors)
Interior Dimensions (L x W x H): 29 x 14 x 14 in.
Laptop Slot Dimensions (L x W x H): 14.25 x 1.75 x 10.75 in.
Case Weight: 28.2 lbs.

Meets ATA 300, Category 1, and applicable portions of MIL-T-28800, MIL-C-4150 and MIL-STD-108 specifications.

Contact us for custom configurations available for any number of laptops and notebooks, accessories, power supplies and cables.
Inch | MM
Part No. ZR-ZECP2914-0905W
Product Name 6 Bay Laptop Shipping Case
Availability Usually ships in 5-6 weeks
Interior Length 29.00
Interior Width 14.00
Interior Height 14.00
Removable Lid Yes
Material Polyethylene
Manufacturing Process Roto Molded
Interior 6 Laptop slots 1.75" width
Water Resistance Weather Resistant
Hinges No
Handles Spring loaded handle (2)
Latches Recessed Twist Latches (10)
Wheels Yes
Security Options Optional Locking Hasp
Ata Rated Yes
Weight 28.20
Special Features Transports multiple laptops, Gasketed construction with integral tongue and groove closure interlocks top and bottom for environmental protection and watertight seal, Interlocking ribs tops and bottom allow for stacking of containers

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