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Foam not only offers extra protection for your valuable merchandise, but the addition of foam padding to a case also provides a wide variety of opportunities for stand-out product presentation and organization. We carry a complete range of options for foam-lined cases, foam-filled cases, and custom foam inserts to cushion and protect your product, including polyurethane, polyethylene, crosslink, polylam, Ethafoam, eperan, expanded polystyrene (EPS), among other foams. For display cases and presentation cases, we also offer flocked foam for intense color display.

Custom foam interiors offer tailor-made protection and display options for your presentation. Source offers expert design, die-cutting, water-jet cutting, routing, and fabrication to ensure your case’s contents are safe, secure, organized, and aesthetically pleasing. Many designs require no tooling; complicated designs require inexpensive cutting dies. We are experts in fabricating, die cutting, routing, water-jet cutting, and laminating a variety of foams including polyurethane; polyether foam and polyester foam, polyethylene; polylam foam, Ethafoam, and cross link foams.

Our stock foam options are cost-effective alternatives for those under tight time constraints or for the Do-It-Yourselfer (DIY) with a smaller budget. Make your own foam insert with our stock polyurethane and polyethylene foam sheets for shock absorbency and added protection; convoluted foam (also known as egg crate foam) which conforms to the shape of your merchandise and instrumentation for a tighter fit, or diced (or pick-and-pluck) foam which allows you to remove foam cubes to form a cavity shape best suited for your wares. Our foam sheets are available in a variety of thicknesses. The charcoal ester foam sheets are available in ½” and 1” thick solid sheets or die-cut — diced, Pick ‘N’ Pluck style. The black polyethylene foam sheets are available in 1" and 2" thick solid sheets. Foam cuts easily with a sharp knife and can be laminated with hot melt or spray glue or, if your project is more intricate, we can develop a custom foam interior to suit your specific needs.

Stock foam sheets ship UPS Ground only. Free utility knife with purchase of over $50 in foam sheets.

Our sales engineers understand the strengths and limitations of foam densities and load-bearing characteristics and will guide you through the design process from concept to completion. Send us your equipment, a drawing, or if you are local, we can visit you to discuss your requirements. Contact us to discuss your needs. No need to find another source for customizing your cases, we do it all…in house, on time and within your budget.

Design your own custom foam

    Stock Foam Sheets
    Stock Foam Sheets

    Foam sheets are perfect for cushioning sensitive equipment. We offer stock foam sheets in varying thicknesses in a variety of materials from soft charcoal polyurethane (Ester), closed-cell polyethylene, convoluted and Pick N' Pluck for the do-it-yourselfers. 

    Replacement Foam Sheets
    Replacement Foam Sheets

    Need a replacement foam, we offer size specific replacment foam sets from Pelican, Pelican Storm and Nanuk

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  • Case Study: Dental Display Case

    The Challenge

    Representatives from a well-respected dental company found Source’s exhibit at an industry trade show. They were looking to develop an updated, dynamic and sophisticated presentation for their traditional instrumentation. The innovative tools and accessories they brought to the exhibition had been presented on a sheath of black velvet draped over a flat surface; the display didn’t make the impact they were aiming for, nor did it highlight the time-honored company’s achievements.

    The Response

    Considering the client’s aesthetic and functional needs, we recommended a modular system of custom wood cases outfitted with foam inserts to highlight their products’ style and diversity. Cases By Source’s wood cases have a sophisticated and polished look that provides an excellent solution for a wide range of products. The cases not only make an elegant, reusable presentation, but also offer organization and protection. Custom interiors are fabricated from wood, plastic, fabric or foam. Logos can be silk screened or laser burned, and interiors can be customized from routed wood or die-cut foam, or lined with satin or velvet.

    The Solution

    The client sent us tools for measurement and a set of marked photographs and layout instructions to ensure the most professionally sensible arrangement in the case’s interior. The tools were separated into three categories—slow, high speed, and accessories— each of which needed its own case. We modeled the solutions in our 3-D CAD design software, and then manufactured a series of maple wood cases with a cherry stain and lacquered finish. The top edge of the case was routed for a lift-off lid that fits into the recess, and the interior was customized with a die-cut cross-linked foam insert. Each cavity was layered to a carefully measured height so all components would rest on the same level, and we also added holes in the bottom for dowels, enabling the client to tilt the displays for better viewing angles and a more dynamic presentation.

  • Case Study: Medical Device Instrument Case

    The Challenge

    A California-based spinal company relied on flimsy corrugated packaging and commercially-produced dunnage to protect their anatomically-driven instrumentation. They came to Cases By Source to explore more effective alternatives and, in the course of sending their equipment for measurement, experienced first-hand proof of their need for cases: The tools were damaged in transit.

    The Response

    To protect the client’s sensitive equipment, we suggested a durable but portable case that would guarantee protection and still offer the aesthetics of a sales demo kit. The Pelican 1510 Carry-On Case pairs durable, lightweight construction with a travel-friendly design that meets FAA carry-on size regulations—a perfect solution for this client’s needs.

    The Solution

    Using our sophisticated structural design tools, we measured each piece of equipment in order to determine the most sensible layout for the custom interior. We then created 3D computer models of the instruments and proposed interior to provide the customer with a quick snapshot of the case before production commenced. For this client, we fabricated a closed-cell cross-linked, routed-foam custom insert to secure the items and display them in an efficient order inside the watertight, crushproof and dustproof case. This foam is available in a variety of densities with rich color saturations. For brand recognition and informational purposes, we added a scratchproof, personalized label to the exterior and a literature pouch was secured in the lid.

  • Case Study: Spinal Implant Sales Case

    The Challenge

    A client’s sales team was tasked with presenting to the time-starved medical community an array of complex, fragile spinal implants designed for intricate, life-altering surgeries. The gym bags and cardboard boxes the sales force had previously been using consumed valuable time during visits with doctors; the packages were clumsy and unprofessional, and made quick inventory impossible. The client challenged Source to design a protective presentation case solution that would be as compelling as the product — and as efficient as the doctors needed the pitch to be.

    The Response

    We wanted to help our client build a professional and well-thought-out presentation mechanism—one in which the parts would be protected and easily accessible, and one that would also help make wise use of the limited time the sales consultants had with healthcare professionals. Custom soft-sided cases provide an attractive, versatile, and lightweight option for presentation, organization, and protection of valuable merchandise. They are perfect for sales demonstrations and can be fitted with a number of value-added options.

    The Solution

    We produced a padded canvas, cloth bound, soft-sided case with three-color embroidered branding, metal-reinforced carrying handles, and a removable shoulder strap with adjustable hardware and metal snap hooks. The inside lid boasted a clear vinyl pocket stitched to form two separate display sections with zipper closures. A removable cross-linked polyethylene foam tray was fitted into the bottom of the case, with 36 compartments of two different sizes for product organization. Taking into account the delicate nature of the company’s products, we designed the tray with a step so that products would be flush with the top level of the step to ensure protection from impact and also easily accessed during a demonstration.

  • Case Study: Consumer Electronics OEM Presentation Case

    The Challenge

    A top U.S. manufacturer of technological upgrades for office automation equipment and digital devices came to Source looking for protective packaging that would also serve as a marketing vehicle to help the equipment stand out in the technology superstores.

    The Response

    Focusing on the client’s need for a lightweight, attractive and protective case, we suggested one of our versatile presentation cases: the EuroCase. Sophisticated, sleek, and minimalist in design, the EuroCase line offers cost-effective options for showcasing and safeguarding your promotional items, tools, writing instruments, pens, eyewear, cosmetics, personal care goods, hearing aids and other consumer, medical and industrial products.

    The Solution

    We fitted the EuroCase with customized vacuum-formed inserts in the lid and base and added a foam pad with cavities cut specifically for the device and its accessories. (The foam pad adds the benefit of reusability of the vacuum-formed tray as new products are introduced in the company’s ever-evolving product line.) The case's exterior was layered with SoftTouch material for a more luxurious feel and elegant appearance; brand recognition was achieved via silk screening of the company’s recognizable logo in the lid.

  • Case Study: Aluminum Tool Control Case

    The Challenge

    Our Internet presence inspired an Amsterdam-based lighting and special effects company to contact us about customized tool cases for use on one of Europe’s largest cruise lines. The customer had been using boxes to tote their delicate instrumentation. What they needed was a dedicated line of tool cases — 250 per year to be exact — to organize their maintenance tools for portability and efficiency.

    The Response

    The client had already reviewed our product lines and expressed interest in our Aluminum Cases, specifically the Alumiwrap offerings. The beauty of Alumiwrap cases is that they are a custom solution, always designed to the customer’s specifications.

    The Solution

    The client wanted an “emergency yellow” case with black hardware, including key latches, a strong handle, a specific size case to fit into a special compartment, and lid-stays for easy inventory and retrieval. Based on designs provided by the client, we manufactured an Alumiwrap case (can be customized to a wide variety of sizes easily) to their requirements, and designed three foam inserts, each of which required detailed water jet cutting—the best option for such intricate, precise work. The three HDPE lift out inserts were secured inside the case for easy accessibility, efficient organization, and quick inventory and tool control.

  • Case Study: Medical Instrument Trade Show Display

    The Challenge

    Representatives from a leading medical device company wanted to combine a sales demo case with a trade show display case to make a convenient and portable carrying case for comprehensive presentations. The case had to be large enough to hold literature and a variety of medical tools and it also had to account for the delicate nature of its contents and the client’s need to effectively showcase them.

    The Response

    Our stock cases proved too big and unwieldy for this project so we chose an Alumiwrap case for a compact, custom footprint and a sleek, minimalist aesthetic.

    The Solution and Results

    The case exterior was silkscreened with two PMS color-matched logos for branding and the interior was lined with foam to fit two solid maple trays. Each tray held a custom foam insert routed to the precise measurements of the instrumentation and was laser engraved with the company’s logo and product description. Handles were cut into the bottom tray for easy removal and access to the client’s literature hidden beneath. The top tray was designed with a tapered angle to better showcase the client’s display in the open case. To secure the client’s smaller instruments, a piece of Plexiglas was friction fit into the foam for protection and an added visual effect—a finger notch was cut for removal of the plastic.