Our Mission Statement

Offering a unique and diverse range of custom case solutions, Cases By Source is committed to providing high quality cases for the best possible value. Through a global network of partners and in tandem with our knowledgeable internal team, we’ve created a process and products rich in innovation.

We strive to build long-term relationships in order to understand, anticipate and deliver on your projects so you come away with the solutions that make your business, and life, more efficient.

We’ve continued to grow and maintain a competitive advantage in the industry by being customer focused, market aware and constantly innovating on our approach to solving problems — constantly looking for new and better ways to create tangible solutions.

Global presence

Cases By Source was established in 1985 to serve virtually any size customer — from small companies to Fortune 500 corporations. We have continuously built our industry knowledge and honed our craft to offer the best case solutions to meet the ever-expanding needs of our customers. Combining our experience and skills with the latest technologies — we provide single-source service for custom cases and packaging that are used to secure, protect, transport and display some of the world’s finest (and most expensive) products — from delicate instruments to sensitive equipment for the US Military.

We are headquartered in northern New Jersey, with design and manufacturing team locations both domestically and overseas. Providing cases in a wide range of materials like plastic, metal, and wood (both with or without foam interiors), we employ a wide variety of manufacturing processes — so wide, there’s not enough room to list it here — to deliver high quality products that meet a broad range of goals.

Our history

Company founded


This was our birth year; born simply as a packaging company. From chinaware to delicate items for the People’s Choice Awards — it was about presenting and protecting our customers' products using disposable packaging. We were getting in the game, but really first as brokers.

Conversion to focus on cases


A few years later, we made a shift from disposable packaging to incorporate reusable cases — with a vision of becoming The Home Depot of cases (with a touch less orange). We started stocking all different kinds of cases, and in doing so, saw the immense demand for an e-commerce destination for all things cases.

Focus on all custom and in-house manufacturing


From about 2000 through 2010, the natural evolution of custom cases evolved into marrying the physical case itself with the custom solution — answering the specific needs of our customers. So we began to move away from stock cases to solely focus on custom case solutions that paid close attention to brand identity. We knew how to protect products, so we began to focus on the aesthetic presentation as well.

DIY tools and integrated electronics


We began expanding the design experience — like our DIY online tool — to migrate the customer experience online for the ease of customers and partners alike. In tandem with that, we began expanding the technologies we’re able to support — like the first responder support cases that allow an onsite satellite to be used in the case of a natural disaster. That’s just one example — but the idea is that we wanted our cases to evolve with the ever-changing needs of the world around us.

Today & beyond


Today and moving forward, we’re putting everything under one roof with a new global headquarters for design, production, testing and warehousing. We don’t consider this an endpoint, instead, constantly iterating on how we can elevate our game and do better by our products and our customers.

We offer a multi-tiered product line

Customized Stock Cases

Customized stock cases

Clients rely on our expert knowledge to recommend solutions that best meet their needs — taking into account things like aesthetics, material strength, durability, portability, optimized utility and cost. We customize stock cases with precision-cut foam inserts and molded interiors to meet your specific requirements, while understanding the strengths and limitations of each brand in order to guide you to the best case for your business.

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DIY Tool

DIY tools

We’re bringing real-time case design to your fingertips with our suite of DIY tools. The CasePro Designer allows you to select an off-the-shelf stock case and design your own custom foam insert — through the use of shape tools, parts library and a photo tracer. And if you need a custom ATA Road Case, look no further than the Road Case Designer — designed, ordered, and at your door in 3 weeks.

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Custom Engineered Case Solutions

Custom engineered case solutions

We develop your ideas by transforming them into tangible, custom-made cases that meet your precise specifications while accentuating your brand. Starting with a “chicken scratch” concept on the back of a napkin, our sales engineers collaborate with and guide you from concept to completion; providing CAD prints, 3D renderings, and ultimately manufacturing the best solution for their product. In some instances, we also perform contract manufacturing and preload your equipment or product samples into the delivered cases.

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Hear What Our Customers Have to Say
It's the fine detail of how they weave our brand into the case they develop for us that not only provides functional protection for the product during transport but also looks impressive and makes our product loom more impressive. Our sales team is thrilled!

- Marketing Manager at a Medical Device company

Hear What Our Customers Have to Say
...I wanted to pass along my sincere thank you for all you have done and all you are trying to do. We all have accounts that are difficult to work with and also will not take any responsibility when they impede progress of what we need to get them their products that they need... I know what we have asked you to do is very difficult (design a case without the product), but I have to tell you, your workmanship and the samples you have supplied us are extremely impressive, and I couldn't ask anymore than that. Thank you again for your efforts and I look forward to a long and successful relationship with you and Cases By Source.

- Marketing at a Packaging company

Hear What Our Customers Have to Say
Just a note to let you know how much we appreciate the remarkable job your company has done for us. The case created by your team is exceptional in quality and is also a very smart design. It is a seldom occasion that I write a letter like this, but the professionalism of your employees and the outstanding quality of your products is too rare to leave unrecognized. From now on, our precious cargo will travel well-protected and I will be proud to promote your organization, giving your company’s name to those who—without a doubt—will compliment us on our cases.

- Military Prime Contractor

Hear What Our Customers Have to Say
Cases By Source is the bomb dot com!!!!

- Marketing Manager at a Lighting Manufacturer

Hear What Product Managers We’ve
Worked With Have to Say…
I just wanted to send a quick note letting you know that the new keyboard case and lid are OUTSTANDING! We can't wait to receive our first shipment of cases and expect that they will sell exceptionally well. Special thanks to your design team for turning our vision into a beautiful reality.

- Vice President of Product Management at a Consumer Products company

Hear What Product Managers We’ve
Worked With Have to Say…
I thought that by now I would be used to the marvels you create, but the last case you built for us is simply OUTSTANDING! Not that the past cases did not meet the same standards, but the engineering, design and craftsmanship of this "monster" is beyond my (already very high) expectations. THANK YOU VERY MUCH, you are a MASTER!

- A.M. Military Prime Contractor

Hear What Product Managers We’ve
Worked With Have to Say…
Although I mentioned this at the meeting, I wanted to formally thank everyone for rallying with us to meet the time frame of our most important customer. We are grateful to CBS for working with us to execute, including the overtime, inspections, assessing risk  etc. without which it would have been near impossible to deliver on time and in full. Sets a strong precedent from a customer experience perspective.

- Vice President of Operations at a Technology company

Hear What Product Managers We’ve
Worked With Have to Say…
The cases delivered today. They look great. Please thank everyone involved that made this happen. Completely legitimizes our efforts to get to market by being able to safely ship our demo product worldwide, in complete systems, with a branded case. Almost like we know what we are doing ;).

- CCO at a Medical Device company

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