Custom designed and built to order ATA cases

Our ATA Cases are ideal protective road cases for organizations where transportation and shipping concerns are central to your business model. Our anvil-style shipping cases offer the widest range of custom choices in quantities as low as one single piece, and are made here in the USA (cue the Bruce Springsteen classic).

These custom ATA cases conform to the Air Transport Association's Specification 300 requirements — which, in short, means they’re heavy duty enough to withstand the rigors of being shipped a minimum of 100 times. These ATA fabricated cases not only meet every requirement established by the ATA 300 specification guidelines, but whether it’s a shipping container, rackmount, rotomolded case, or a Pelican Hardigg single lid shipping case — we’ve gone above and beyond and exceeded not just existing standards, but our clients’ expectations. 

ATA cases are custom-built to order, sized to the case contents, and designed to fit all of your very specific needs — offering maximum protection at a reasonable cost. And if you want complete control over designing your case, check out our online DIY tool at (we even have a fun animation which tells our story). 

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Custom Examples

  • Lighting Equipment
  • Kiosks
  • Electronic Equipment
  • Medical Equipment Cases
  • Music Equipment and Instruments
  • Ramp Cases
  • Sports Team Equipment
  • Trade Show Cases


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“Clear eyes, full heart, virtually indestructible.”
-Friday Night Lights, about these cases*
*perhaps slightly amended by us

Designed with protection at the forefront — from the reinforced edges for impact resistance to the recessed hardware for shipping protection, these cases are lightweight and impervious to dust and water. From Pelican Hardigg Single Lid Cases and rotomolded shipping cases to military spec cases used by the US forces, these shipping containers, like any Texas football team with a heart, are virtually indestructible. 

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Racks on racks on racks… and we don’t mean stacks of cash.

Rackmount cases are the perfect solution for the storage and transport of your sensitive and fragile equipment… that are likely worth stacks of cash. From simple rack cases to sophisticated shockmount cases and 2U to 24U systems, we have a wide range of sizes, depths and durable construction options to protect and secure your most valuable items. Our cases can come with gasket seals, front and rear removable covers and rails, pull handles and wheels; or the ultimate military standard shockmount case for 19” racks with suspended aluminum frames.

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“I've got the moves like Jagger.”
-Maroon 5 about cuttin' a rug
…and us about our ramp cases

Transporting delicate and expensive equipment requires your shipping case to be built to move — with features that go above and beyond to protect your equipment during the loading and unloading process. So if your equipment has wheels — like medical devices or portable generators, our custom-built ramp cases can be manufactured with a ramp inside that folds out when you open it and unload.

Hit the road Jack, and make sure your stuff is safely cared for in a road case. 

From concerts and trade shows to sports events and aerospace needs, our road cases make sure your instruments, soon-to-change-the-world products, and expensive equipment need to stay safe as they make their way through the world. With a wide variety of options from wooden ATA cases and plywood construction with ABS laminate to ventilation and power supplies, the ability to customize is endless. And with our online DIY tool — you dream it and we make it a reality. 

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Music to your ears
... and hands, back, wallet, airport checking fees...

Our brand of professional musician cases — from instruments like guitars and trombones (like The Tank) to highly-customized cases (for any quantities above 5) allow musicians to focus on the music instead of the well-being of their instruments. You make the music and we make … the extra padding for orchestra instrument cases, wheels for large scale transportation, and anything and everything in between and beyond. 

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