High volume cut & sew case manufacturing

Our custom soft side cases can be produced from fabric, canvas, or vinyl to meet your most demanding requirements for presentation, organization, and protection. And to make sure you look as good as your product feels, the size and color choices are unlimited and logos can easily be embroidered or silk-screened onto your finished case.

With custom sewn products, we’ve got a wide range of fabrics to suit different situations and environments — whether you need to keep water and dust out, or your instrumentation well-cushioned, accessories like a shoulder strap can be added for easy carrying, and a variety of closures like Velcro™, zippers, or snaps can be affixed to give the security that best fits your needs.

At our core, we’re OEM specialists with experience as an industrial cut and sew manufacturer that can private label your products. From backpacks, rucksacks and medical bags to holsters, pouches and slings, our ability to take on high volume projects in our offshore production facilities makes us a reliable and well-equipped partner. And if it’s needed for your particular project, we can bring in an independent third-party inspection team to confirm products before shipping out. We do what works best for your particular project.

Soft Side Cases
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Custom Examples

  • Portable EKG Monitor Cases
  • Nebulizer Kits
  • Sales Sample Cases
  • Emergency Medical Cases
  • MOLLE System Cases
  • Military Backpacks
  • Thermal Insulated Shippers
  • Test Instrument Cases

A little bit about our process

We pride ourselves on streamlined processes that maximize efficiency and reduce lead times. Our strategically based U.S. warehousing provides you with JIT delivery, because we’re a turnkey fulfillment company that can provide assembly, packaging, warehousing, and shipping. Our products are made both here in the US and overseas — using domestic manufacturing for low volume and offshore production for higher volume orders. If you’re looking to circumvent the China tariffs, and we get that, we’ve set up high production facilities in Vietnam and other emerging countries so you can save money and maintain the same level of quality. In terms of compliance, we can be Berry, Reach, ROHS, and PROP65 compliant if that suits your business’ particular needs. 

If this is something that sounds like it would work best for your business, our sales engineers can guide you through the design process to build a custom soft case that’s also soft on the wallet.

Customers like Adidas, Coca-Cola, Olympus and Praxsym can (and will!) tell you that we successfully helped them to...

  • Increase branding
  • Use product while in case
  • Reduce overall space
  • Deliver lightweight solution
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Browse through styles and examples of custom soft side cases.

If you’ve got it, flaunt it!

-Us about your products

Lighting equipment, paint chip kits, commercial roofing, auto parts, implant displays, beverages — whatever you need to show off, a soft side case will help you do it with care and flair.

With countless branding opportunities, you can elevate your marketing strategy and equip your sales team for success. Between PMS color match technology, embroidery, silk-screening, and custom attachments — your soft side case will make your first interaction a memorable (and positive) one.

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It’s what’s on the inside that counts.

… unless your packaging goes with it, in which case — make it shine, baby.

Packaging should be a part of your product, not an afterthought. From car maintenance kits and pipe locators to voting equipment and diabetic meters (and beyond) — if you have products that need protecting, custom sewn bags are a perfect partner.

Great for temperature control and industrial or personal use, these cases allow you to demonstrate (and spread) your brand identity while protecting products that require a safe home.

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We might be a bit vein, but we think packaging is essential to the heartbeat of a product.

Bad jokes aside, when medical equipment and medicine is easier to access for healthcare professionals, patient outcomes improve. Custom soft bags and cases can help you keep track of medicine inventory or serve as a purpose-built medical caddie. What good is a glucose meter if it’s smashed or left behind for being too bulky? From implant inventory control and procedure oriented kits to medical and implant caddies, soft cases and bags make it as easy to keep the medical devices you need safe and accessible.

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Sportsmen can look forward to a trip for months, but the fun isn’t figuring out what your gear would be safe to travel in or lugging it around slapdashedly. Custom soft cases and bags make life easier for the zealous outdoorsmen, keeping the focus on the fun.

Between keeping hunting gear safe and keeping fishing gear organized, soft cases provide an excellent solution for sportsmen who’d rather spend their days sporting than figuring out which pocket of their cargo pants they put the bait in.

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