Design Your Custom Wood Cases and Display Boxes

Begin designing your custom wooden cases and boxes with our team of experts here at Cases By Source. The custom wood cases that we have manufactured recently include musical instrument boxes, beer and spirit boxes, and much more. We design and build our wood boxes to your exact specifications to ensure they meet your needs and exceed expectations. 

The truth is that wood is, and always has been, a chic and classic option for protection and presentation. Our cases are produced from all types of soft or hard woods like Pine, Cherry, Birch and Mahogany, and provide reusable solutions for the presentation, organization and protection of your valuable merchandise. We’ve designed and manufactured all kinds of custom and speciality wood boxes for our customers from optics cases to cases for sensitive measuring instruments and weights.

All our wood cases can be outfitted with custom interiors fabricated from wood, plastic, fabric or foam, and you have the option to wrap them in leather, leatherette, fabric, or paper. As for the exterior, we offer laser engraving and silk screen-print branding for company logos or other corporate identification to help optimize the unboxing experience for your customers.  

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Custom Examples

  • Season Ticket Holder Box
  • Custom Pistol Box
  • Championship Ring Box
  • Musical Instrument Box
  • Medical Implant Display Case
  • Trophy Case
  • Wood Box for Measuring Instruments
  • Beer and Spirit Boxes


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"Some ships are wooden ships, but those ships may sink. The best ships are friendships, and to those ships, we drink!"

Don’t worry, we don’t build ships. But we do often work with beer and spirit companies to develop high-end branded boxes for their product (like Crown Royal and Garrison Brother Bourbon). From a custom product box to liquor rep boxes, nothing goes together quite as well (and sells as well) as a well-crafted libation tucked into high-quality wood. 

Did you see what we saw? A wooden medical instrument display!

Get it? Because we… sawed… the wood. With our custom wood cases, we craft beautifully protective cases that are an excellent option to display your delicate medical instruments for demos while keeping them safe from breakage. A preferred method for medical device companies, our cases allow your instruments to be observed without the risk of damage.


“The woods are lovely, dark and deep, but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep.”-Robert Frost ... also us about our wooden road cases

Our wooden road cases make moving to and from concerts, trade shows and sports events easy while making sure your expensive products remain safe. Not for nothing, if you’re in the business of moving around the world, you might as well look good doing it — and nothing looks as sleek as a wooden case. With our online DIY tool, you can customize your wooden road case to your heart’s content.
Work hard and win the championship… so you can show it off. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Just kidding. But seriously, if you’re going to win a championship ring, you should have a suitable way to display it. So with that in mind, we’ve crafted a myriad of custom wooden cases for season ticket holder boxes, custom pistol boxes, trophy cases, watches, jewelry, pens and anything else you may want to show off. We also make medical implement and medical implant display cases for easy viewing. And if you think about it, medicine is a championship of sorts, too.
"There is more than meets the eye."
-Transformers tagline ... also true about our collapsible wood shipping crates.

Save time and space with our innovatively designed collapsible crates — our version of a transformer. Crafted in wood (obviously, you know what section you’re in), they’re super durable and don’t require the use of tools or nails. We offer custom versatile solutions and standard, out-of-the-box (and collapsed!) sizes. Wood brings out the worst in us for bad jokes.

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