High volume custom EVA molded cases

EVA cases hit the sweet spot — combining the protection of a hard case with the versatility and portability of a soft case. Our semi-rigid cases have been used for presentation, military, medical, industrial, and OEM applications. These versatile fabric-covered cases offer infinite design options since both the interior and exterior can be consistently contoured to virtually any shape or size.

With optimal production flexibility, EVA cases can be designed to fit every type of equipment. The highly engineered design offers security against impact, dust, sun, moisture and other environmental stresses — and the interiors can be molded to the exact dimensions of the enclosures. The elements work hard to screw up your products, but thankfully EVA cases work harder.

These molded soft cases offer highly-stylized, lightweight portability with low tooling costs. Molded in a wide range of colors, they accommodate a broad range of options like zipper closures, carrying handles, shoulder straps, and a myriad of branding options. And if you’d like to take it a step further to enhance your corporate identification, embroider labels or emboss your logos for an extra custom look.

Please keep in mind, our custom EVA Cases require a minimum order of 1000 pieces.

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Custom Examples

  • Sensitive or Valuable Instrumentation
  • Sales Kits
  • OEM Instruments
  • Medical Equipment
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Optical Equipment
  • Carrying Case

Okay, but what exactly is EVA?
Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate is a copolymer that works for a multitude of application purposes. Known as “foam rubber”, the thermoforming process of EVA allows us to make cases with hard shells, that are still soft to the touch. That softness means its both flexible and still durable, but won’t risk cracking like a plastic counterpart.

Additional features and benefits of the EVA case (in list form for your easy digesting)

  • Low tooling costs
  • Lightweight portability with the protection of a hard case
  • Zipper closures, carrying handles and shoulder straps
  • High-engineered design provides security against impact, dust, sun, moisture and other environmental stresses
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • You can mold to any shape
  • You can decorate your case with embroidered labels, molded rubber logos, embossed logos, and molded rubber logos
  • Vertical integrated and offshore manufacturing options available
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Browse through styles and examples of custom EVA cases.

Feel the Beats, throw some Bose, and make Shure you’ve got them all stylishly protected.

EVA cases are at their best when their protective lightweight construction can be customized with stylish branding. From professional cameras to studio headphones and recreational drones to AR/VR equipment — not only will they look stylish, they’ll be protected, too.

With the ability to be molded into a range of colors, they accommodate options like zipper closures, carrying handles, shoulder straps, custom interiors, embroidered labels, molded rubber logos, and embossed logos.

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All quippy jokes aside — when it comes to medical equipment, it needs to get where it needs to be. And safely.

From AEDs, rescue kits and optical loupes to implant displays and specialty eyeglasses — EVA’s lightweight, portable and protective design makes it the material of choice for doctors and dentists worldwide. 

These cases can be made with customizable interiors to protect instruments en route, or to display at your destination. External pouches, handles, zippers, and straps can be customized to make handling as effortless as possible.

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“I said oh, is that your first impression… and is that good enough for you?”
-Duran Duran
...also us about the importance of a first impression.

Making a strong impression can be the difference between having your prospect’s undivided attention and… having to dig yourself out of a hole. Custom EVA cases convey the confidence and experience necessary to help your customers achieve their goals.

From sleek branding to dropping jaws as you present the newest Air Jordans, EVA cases have the unique ability to show you mean, and know, business.

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“On the road again… I just can't wait to get on the road again”
...with my EVA case.

If there’s one thing all products sold in EVA cases have in common, it’s that they’re made to move. From school supplies to car maintenance, thermal imaging cameras to underwater dive lights, custom built EVA cases are made to protect your cargo while you make moves.

Beyond being lightweight and protective, custom EVA cases have infinite branding options like full case imagery, logo debossing, and custom zippers — so you get maximum impact from its presence.

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