case study

Color Test Kit

The Challenge

A leading company in color control systems came to Source to redesign their color test kit. The existing case was wood and had four wood trays holding the color chips.

The Response

The client wanted a bold new look to bring their case into the 21st century - our aluminum case provided the desired look. Molded plastic trays with clear lids were proposed instead of the wood trays, which would allow the color chips to be seen when the case is open.

Color Test Kit

"Our kit was getting stale and we needed a refresh. Source came to the table with excellent ideas. We love the molded trays and now our kit really pops!"

-- Marketing Coordinator 

The Solution

Source designed and manufactured a low profile smooth aluminum case with chrome hardware. A four color label is attached to the front of the case. The base of the case is lined with EVA polyethylene foam while charcoal polyurethane foam in the lid secures the thermoformed color chip trays. Each tray is thermoformed from black matte HIPS, with a clear lid allowing colors to be viewed while secure within the tray. The base and lid of the tray are CNC cut to provide a clean, smooth edge. CNC cutting increases individual unit prices, but eliminates the necessity for additional tooling. The color chips are arranged in color sequence in the trays, covered and placed into the carry case.

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