Custom solutions for aerospace applications

The Aerospace Industry requires critical tolerances when it comes to handling and transporting fragile equipment — and for good reason — which means it’s our job to design and manufacture shipping cases for the most sensitive electronic and scientific instrumentation. Our cases protect aviation and aerospace equipment used by pilots, the US Air Force, and NASA to protect a wide variety of equipment (think galactically wide variety). Our diverse manufacturing processes (also galactically wide) allow us to design the best solution for your needs — like roto-molded plastic, injection molded, welded 5052 aluminum and much more. Whether you’re involved in commercial aviation or space exploration, our sales engineers can work with you to ensure you’re in compliance with MIL-SPEC, ATA Spec 300, or any other FAA regulations for secure storage and safe transportation of your critical equipment.

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Custom Examples

  • Aircraft Auxiliary Power Unit or Cases (APU’s)
  • Altimeter Cases
  • Avionics & Instrumentation Cases
  • Back-up Break Drum Assembly Cases
  • Black Box Transporter Cases
  • Cases for Engine Parts
  • Cases for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Equipment
  • Commercial Aircraft Flight Deck Electronics Cases
  • Drone Cases
  • Flight Deck Device Cases
  • Flight Line Cases
  • Gyros Cases
  • Military Aircraft Cases
  • Oxygen Storage Cases
  • Propeller Cases
  • Space Exploration Satellite & Telescope Cases
  • Space Shuttle Support Device Cases
  • Test and Evaluation Equipment Cases
  • Transport Containers

A little bit about our iterative process

We work with our customers in the Aerospace Industry to understand your specific needs — from material and environmental requirements to peak performance expectations. Whether you require shock racks or shipping cases, we design solutions that protect your sensitive and irreplaceable instrumentation. While many applications have similar requirements, as you likely already know, there are unique design elements that need to be taken into consideration when designing cases for planes, helicopters, satellites, and rockets — surprisingly exactly no one that rocket equipment doesn’t come straight “out of the box”.

We design and manufacture precision built cases and containers conforming to ATA (Air Transport Association) Specification 300, Category I, II, and III parameters, and to be in compliance with MIL SPEC, ATA, or FAA regulations for safe and secure storage and transportation of critical equipment. During the design phase, we make sure that all these elements are reviewed through the use of 3D modeling software. Once approved, a first article is produced, which allows us to provide drop tests and vibration certifications when required — followed by production. The entire case manufacturing process is an iterative one — allowing us, together, to hone in on the optimal and individualized solution. Whether it is rotomolding, thermoforming, injection molding, blow molding, or fabrication, our cases meet your specific requirements and high performance expectations. After all, if you’re building a rocket — you deserve a case that’s equally impressive. 
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