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As the guiding force behind the vision and strategy of a product, you have your hands full with overseeing so many moving parts. With all of the focus around the quality of the product itself, packaging solutions tend to become an afterthought — with economical solutions needed fast. This is especially true in today’s landscape where there are limited resources spreading product managers quite thin, on top of more timing and budget restrictions.


But packaging solutions aren’t just about speed-to-market. As product managers, you also want to be sure the product is distinctive and recognized for the right reasons. Just as a custom case should align with the positive unboxing experience that designers and marketers desire, it must also meet the technical specifications that engineers demand to achieve successful metrics.

How Cases By Source Helps
Product Managers Win

Unique, Branded Solutions
An extensive list of customization capabilities means that we can make your custom case a reflection of your brand as well as specify that it meets material, weight and environmental requirements. This balance satisfies the needs of the entire product team, while filling any gaps in technical knowledge that may create unneeded uncertainties on your end.
Customized Collaboration
The partnership that you create with us is fully based on the individual needs of your business. Whether you prefer us to take on the bulk of the design work or you have an in-house design team you’d like us to collaborate with, we’ll work closely with you to make sure all your ideas are weaved into the fabric of the solution — with our expertise provided where you need it.
Supply Chain Efficiency
The design for manufacturing (DFM) approach that we use ensures that designs always translate into manufacturable products. In combination with the economical processes used, production schedules move faster without delays. This keeps you on schedule and within budget without exacerbating internal resources.
Continuous Innovation
Rather than keep creative ideas for packaging solutions on the shelf, having us as an extension of your team enables you to put these ideas into motion. As the unboxing experience becomes more dynamic with distinct packaging solutions, your business improves its brand equity and has another way to stand out from the competition.
Hear What Product Managers We’ve
Worked With Have to Say…
I'd been overseeing the development of our new product line for two years. We didn't think about packaging until a couple months before launch, when our team was stretched the thinnest. Cases By Source took care of everything. It was like our team doubled in size!

Product Manager at Medical Device Company

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CBS will guide your custom case project to success.

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