Custom cases and packaging for consumer products

Our line of presentation cases like the EuroCase, Hofbauer, soft-sided, or our elegant wood case are all expertly crafted to enhance and drive increased market share for your product. Acting as a second home to your pride and joy, these cases are economical solutions that provide a marketing boost — all while controlling your costs.

Most of the time, a reusable presentation case can be more cost effective compared to disposable packaging — and not for nothing, better for the environment. Cases can be molded in different colors, exteriors can be branded with hot stamped or silk screened logos, and interiors can be outfitted with custom foam or thermoformed interiors for a well-decorated home for your product. We’ve designed cases for binoculars, knives, guns, pens, cosmetics, and collectable china — and that’s just to name a few.  

Consumer Products
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Custom Examples

  • Gift Items
  • Ornaments
  • Museum Reproductions
  • Luxury Items
  • Watches
  • Sporting Goods
  • Binoculars
  • Knives

A little bit about our iterative process

When designing cases for consumer products, there are a few key elements that should be carefully considered from the onset of development. During the concept phase, there’s the delicate balance of designing a case solution that meets your objectives from a branding perspective, being cognizant of retail requirements (since many retailers demand specific packaging requirements), and designing for the manufacturing process — all while maintaining an economical cost structure.

Our industrial designers spend thoughtful time working with you during this phase to ensure that your requirements are fully understood — considering material and molding processes before anything begins. We then migrate into the design phase, where renderings are presented and your branded case begins to take shape. Depending on your needs, we may suggest one of our stock cases like our line of plastic boxes (EuroCase), or design a completely custom, one-of-a-kind case solution.

This is an iterative process that requires collaboration between our designers and your marketing team. Once approved, we move to the prototyping portion of the project, and if you require conduct drop tests, vibration tests or any other requested environmental tests, that happens here. The process finishes with production of the cases which are packed per your specifications. We can do blanket orders with scheduled releases, or Kanban inventory management — it’s your case, and your process, too.

Our team has designed custom case solutions for a multitude of consumer products. Below is a few of them for your reference:

  • Gift Items - including ornaments, museum reproductions, collectible china and porcelain
  • Luxury Items - including pens, watches, jewelry, and cosmetics
  • Sporting goods - including binoculars, knives, guns, arts and craft kits
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