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Cases By Source is proud to be a leading provider of custom Pelican case solutions. From cases, foam inserts and panel frames to metal work and electronic integration, we pair the innate benefits of Pelican cases with the features and functionality you require.

How CBS Can Customize
& Add Value to Pelican Cases

With a durable, waterproof and lightweight foundation in place, our team of experts will step in to add those unique touches and elements that complement your product. A wide range of design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities allows us to provide endless opportunities for case customization — with just a glimpse of what’s possible highlighted below.


The Exterior

  • Screenprint your company logo on your Pelican case to make it pop
  • Mold-in your company logo for further brand recognition
  • Adhere digitally-printed labels to convey key messaging
  • Stencil numbers, letters, symbols and shapes on your case

The Interior

  • Professionally designed and manufactured custom foam inserts to cushion and secure your products 
  • A breadth of foam materials and processes like CNC routing, waterjet, molding and die cutting are available
  • Custom-engineered cradle suspension systems mitigate shock from drops and vibrations that can damage electronics and sensitive equipment

Added Functions & Features

  • Insert panel kits to keep your case’s contents organized 
  • Integrate LED screens, power indicators and antennas into your case 
  • Configure power and cooling solutions to ensure proper ventilation 
  • Install cable ports and wiring in support of systems integration

Custom Pelican Cases

Incorporate your unique brand identifiers into a Pelican case

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Custom Pelican Foam Inserts

Cushion your products from the impact of external forces

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Custom Pelican Case Integration

Transform a Pelican case into a fully integrated solution

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Custom Pelican Panel Frames

Mount your products so they are organized and protected

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Custom Pelican Case Electronics

Equip Pelican cases with state-of-the-art technology

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Did you know?


The humble beginnings of Pelican cases can be traced back to the design of a superior first-aid kit for scuba divers, a product fashioned in the garage of scuba enthusiast Dave Parker in 1976. In those 40+ years, Pelican has become a global leader of high-performance protective cases, driven by the vision of protecting all that you value.

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When You Need It,
Where You Need It

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Bring us your challenges. We'll develop solutions.

The Customer’s Challenge: When storing and transporting a very expensive and sensitive piece of surveying equipment from site to site, one business found that its technicians were often calling headquarters to send replacement parts and fix damaged equipment.

The CBS Solution: A roto-molded, single lid case from Pelican offered an extremely durable and protective solution for the equipment in-transit. Using a two-tone, closed-cell foam, we created a custom insert to hold the surveying device as well as its accessories.

Customized Pelican Case: Roto-Molded Single Lid Case

Quantity Produced: 100/year

Project Budget: $200,000

Timeline to Delivery: 12 weeks from concept to prototype to delivery

Equipment diagram panel
Edge casters
Easy lift handles
Roto molded case shell
Two-tone closed cell

Bring us your challenges. We'll develop solutions.

The Customer’s Challenge: To move a lot of tools from site to site, technicians at one business relied on multiple cases and boxes. To streamline their efforts, they strived to develop one case to store and transport all necessary tools.

The CBS Solution: Our team designed an all-in-one tool case to store the customer's 100 tools. We leveraged a two-tone, closed-cell foam for inventory control, which allowed users to easily open a drawer and identify any missing tools.

Customized Pelican Case: Pelican 0450 Case

Quantity Produced: 250 cases for the fleet

Project Budget: $150,000

Timeline to Delivery: 8 Weeks from concept to prototype to delivery

Two-tone foam for inventory control
Lift out trays
Two way handles
Side opening tool drawers

Pelican Cases Stand Out for the Right Reasons

Unbreakable Protection

The ultra-durable nature of Pelican cases means they can withstand hazardous conditions in transit and handling, as well as on-site.

Waterproof Coverage

Tested to be watertight, Pelican cases keep the products they house safe in the face of moisture due to their open-cell core and solid-wall construction.

Incredibly Lightweight

Compared to other polymer cases on the market, Pelican cases are up to 40% lighter — so lightweight in fact that they can even float.

In Addition to Custom Pelican Cases, We Offer a Wide Range of Stock Options, Too. Find the Type, Style & Dimensions That Are Right for You.

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