Custom integrated electronics cases for rugged protection

Custom case solutions don’t start and end with the idea of a singular, stand-alone box. And for lack of a better (and less dad-joke term), we think way outside of the box when it comes to cases. And when it comes to custom integration, we mean that quite literally.

Our team prides itself on our ability to mesh custom engineering and technology to turn your case into a completely integrated solution. Combining technology and raw materials, we engineer cases from prototype to production incorporating metal fabrication, wire and cable harnesses, electronics, and beyond.

Ultimately, we’re a turnkey provider who can both build a solution for you, or help scale your integrated cases as demand grows and you need help with production. Think of us as an extension of your team — whether you’re sending us existing components, or we’re sourcing everything soup to nuts, we can do it all and frankly, we’ve seen it all.

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Custom Examples

  • Systems Integration
  • Wire Harnessing
  • iPad/Computer Charging Stations
  • Electronic Integration
  • Product Integration

Technology, and thus — business, is constantly changing around us, and you need a partner who can keep up with the ever-evolving terrain of integrated case solutions — regardless of the hardware or complicated technical implications.

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“Invisible threads are the strongest ties.”

―Friedrich Nietzsche
...also us about systems integration.

While they’re not always “invisible” per se, we work on myriad projects that benefit from our fully integrated case solutions. We can help you procure all the components, do the installation, configure power and cooling solutions, install cable ports/panels/wiring and even do system assembly and testing. Whether it’s selecting sourcing and installing equipment, or you just need help with production, we’re a full-service partner.

Harness the power within
...the wires.

That’s how that old saying goes, right? Anyway, wire harnesses (aka cable assembly, wire assembly, wire loom) are essentially a grouping of electrical cables that transmit signals — sending information to a specific destination. The cables are bound together by durable material, but also have to live somewhere — and that’s basically where we come into the picture. We can build custom cable and wire harnesses for your applications, or build a custom case that works with your particular integrated solution.

Help, I lost my charging cable — I'm powerless without it!

Mmk, dad joke. But let’s be real, rendering yourself powerless can be dire, especially when your business depends on it. We craft portable solutions ideal for IT and MIS professionals; like iPad and tablet charging cases that can be locked down for theft prevention or built with internal fans to avoid overheating. If you’re out working in the field, we make it easy to return the iPads to a portable charging station — with the ability to save time and sync the tablets instead of downloading information on to each one.

I cannot think of an electronic joke... currently.

Get it? OK, yeah we’re the worst. But the best at building custom electronic integration cases that protect the most sensitive and delicate electronic instruments. Similar to wire harnessing, we’re able to incorporate LED screens, power indicators and antennas — all integrated into a transportable protective case. Cases don’t just have to be a vehicle for your electronics, they can also be part of it — complete integration so your electronic product and its case become one product altogether.

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Together, we can turn
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Think of us as an extension of your team

Our team collaborates with yours — helping build on your personal strengths while taking the lead in areas outside your wheelhouse (pun intended).


Developing the right case with and for you

With access to various materials and manufacturing processes, we have the ability to help turn your pie-in-the-sky ideas into innovative and realized solutions.


Without the headaches you've come to expect

We handle all the elements of the process you’d rather not. Where others may say, “Impossible!” or “uh?” — we make it happen. With 100% less need for Advil®.

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