case study

Military Camera System Case

The Challenge

A specialist on active duty for the National Guard Security Force Platoon, wanted to custom build a “Combat Crewman Camera System” for mounting on armored military tactical vehicles and use in various missions and training procedures. He came to us with a napkin sketch and a fixed budget.

The Response

We chose the watertight, crushproof and dustproof Pelican 1490 for its durable construction and locking latches that would ensure a tight closure during transit and not disturb the top-mounted cameras. We also designed a custom foam interior shaped to secure the many components of the client’s creative AV system.


"I had an idea of mounting a camera to a case that we could use for missions. Source took my napkin sketch and brought the product to life! My team absolutely loves it."

-- Military Specialist

The Solution

The project was a collaborative effort: We engineered the custom foam interior to meet the client’s specifications for the delicate audio and visual components. He did the rest: He mounted multiple XLR connectors on the case and added handles for immobilization during transit and to allow him to open the case without disturbing the camera positions. He also installed several camera pedestal mounts on the case for maximum visibility at a wide range of angles and added other modifications to protect the case from moisture.

To complete the system, the client purchased an Otter Waterproof Case (OC-1000) and converted it into an SD card holder. He also customized a Pelican 1400 (PC-1400) for use as a support case. It stores the rest of the camera system parts, including the mounting brackets, the Otter case with the SD cards, and the camera pedestal extension mounts.

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