Rugged, lightweight, fully customizable aluminum cases

Our custom aluminum shipping cases aren’t only designed for durable and lightweight transport — they’re sleek, stylish and look as good as the product you put inside. Custom solutions can be engineered for every need — from a light-duty presentation case (think James Bond with a shaken-not-stirred martini in hand) to a rugged metal shipping case for industrial and government applications (think Kiefer Sutherland in 24… probably). We’ve built our reputation on delivering innovative and well-engineered solutions to our customers that suit a multitude of specific and varying needs.

Fabricated aluminum cases offer a high-tech appearance at a competitive and often lower price than molded plastic cases. And an aluminum case offers a perfect, cost-effective solution when a plastic case just doesn’t cut it.

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Custom Examples

  • Aircraft Auxillary Power Unit or Cases
  • Drilling Equipment Cases
  • Avionics & Instrumentation Cases
  • Musical Instrument Cases
  • Medical Equipment Cases
  • Cases for Engine Parts
  • Cases for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  • Aircraft Flight Deck Electronics Cases

Custom foam interiors can add the finishing touch — transforming your traditional aluminum cases into OEM Equipment and Instrument Cases. The possibilities are endless, and we’re not just speaking in hyperbole here. They can be designed to your exact, oh-so-specifically-shaped requirements, and the exteriors offer silk screen-print branding opportunities for company logos or other corporate identification. Beyond that, options like color choice, a range in hardware, and packaging options are available for maximum impact. Our custom cases can be produced in quantities of 200+ with no tooling charges.

Our MIL-Aluminum series is fabricated from .063 and .080 5052 aluminum alloy and welded in the seams for strength (think Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator level strength). This fabrication method offers sizing flexibility and unlimited opportunities for customization to meet nearly any military specification. The high strength to weight ratio makes the MIL-Aluminum superior to plastic and wood for many applications. And because presentation matters, the cases’ metal enclosures can be powder coated in OD Green, Desert Tan, or any other color you that may suit your needs.

Our sales engineers can help guide you through the design process to build a custom aluminum case that meets all your specific requirements, while far exceeding your expectations when it comes to process, design and customization.

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Browse through styles and examples of custom aluminum cases.

“A martini – shaken, not stirred. And a metallic case — sleek, but safe in transport*.”

Two of James Bond’s most iconic lines refer to our sales demo cases — perfect for nailing that first impression with a potential customer. Aluminum is the choice of industry leaders who want a case that both elevates the brand while leaving a lasting impression.

Custom foam interiors mean they’re safe on the move, and our design team makes sure they look as good as the products inside.

*Please don’t fact check us on the second part of the quote.

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Ah, the Bear Grills of aluminum cases.

It’s difficult to find a more durable yet lighter solution than a ruggedized aluminum case. They’re designed to endure hostile environments and the day-to-day abuse they may experience — still coming through the other side stronger for it.

And with custom interiors, your cases’ protective potential goes to the next level. By adding custom foam interiors, compartments, or insulation — you can be confident that the cargo you take out of the case looks and performs just like when you put it in.

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“Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.”
-Muhammad Ali
...Also us about these lightweight cases.

For those looking for a highly mobile and lightweight case, we offer several aluminum frame cases and alternative materials that achieve that professional look at a reduced weight and price. In other words, floating like a butterfly, protecting like… a much heavier case.

With a custom foam interior, you’ll have a snug, protective solution to transport your cargo — having your equipment arrive in style without any of the usual hassle.

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The shock and awe of life is nothing for these cases.

Aluminum rackmount cases are built to withstand maximum shock and vibration, protecting your sensitive and valuable instruments. From outdoor concert lighting to military field operations, these cases are the lightest and strongest construction available in a universal 19” electronics rack — with detachable front and rear lids for easy access.

This makes it easier to transport electronics, but we’ve expanded with customization like adding combo compartments, custom shelving, and foam elements.

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The world may not be free from the parameters of robots and machines — but these welded cases are.

Custom-built, fully-welded cases offer a level of protection that’s hard to find elsewhere. You get the benefits of strong, lightweight aluminum while being able to have blue-sky control over its customization — no pesky standard molds or machine limitations to worry about.

Whether you need long-lasting protection for your oft-shipped equipment or military-grade protection in the harshest elements, welded aluminum cases are an ideal solution.

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