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Bringing new products to the market is no easy undertaking — and as marketing managers know, how you position the product has a strong impact on how well it resonates. While packaging solutions play an integral role in how this story unfolds (for better or for worse), there isn’t always the bandwidth to create the ideal unboxing experience. With multiple product lines to oversee, marketing managers can’t spend all their efforts on each one, especially when there are fewer people available to do more work.


Unfortunately, this doesn’t always stop competitors. As more businesses prioritize the unboxing experience for customers and businesses alike, a lack of brand recognition on the exterior of a case or a disorganized inside can easily drive potential business in other directions. So while the product itself may be unique in value, a poor packaging solution that lacks innovation can fail to communicate how truly special your product is.

How Cases By Source Helps
Marketing Managers Win

Extension to your Team
An Extension to Your Team
As a provider of custom cases, CBS breathes the same passion that you have for your products into the cases we produce. From the discovery session where we discuss your needs and goals to the moment your product is shipped, we guide you through every step of the way to ensure your business’s creative ideas turn into fully functional packaging solutions that elevate your brand.
Brand Recognition
Positive Brand Recognition
From personalized touches to interactive elements, the custom cases we develop at CBS get your brand and your product recognized for the right reasons. With a positive unboxing experience from start to finish, your business can increase the perceived value of your product, improve your brand equity and boost customer loyalty.
Better Economics
Better Economics
To keep your business profitable and adhere to strict timelines and budgets, CBS uses design for manufacturing (DFM). While this technique ensures that manufactured cases look and perform as intended to balance the needs of various departments, it also leverages the most economical processes to minimize cost and deliver faster outcomes.
Competitive Edge
A Competitive Edge
Since we’re an extension of your team, the focus on innovation is continual. Custom cases are developed with your future needs and goals in mind, and as new products emerge, you’ll have the resources and support to put ideas in motion. In a sea of brands vying for customers’ attention, this innovation takes away your headaches while pushing you toward the front of the pack.
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I knew we needed a standout case for our new product launch, but I had no idea what was involved to make the case a reality on the technical side. Cases By Source not only brought my vision to life, they delivered a really well engineered container.

Marketing Manager at Medical Device Company

From start to finish,
CBS will guide your custom case project to success.

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