Precision cut custom foam inserts and foam fabrication

Custom Foam Inserts give your valuable merchandise and precious instrumentation the protection and aesthetic presentation they deserve. Source offers a vast array of options for the protection, organization and presentation of your case components.

From foam lined or filled cases to Do-It-Yourself foam inserts and tailor-made, precisely engineered custom foam interiors, we have the ideal solutions for your needs. We can create a custom foam insert to meet the specific sizes and specifications for your items. No need to find another source for customizing your cases, we do it all…in house, on time and within your budget.

Foam Inserts
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Custom Examples

  • FOD
  • Tool Control
  • Implant Inventory Management
  • Presentation of Parts
  • Protection of Sensitive Equipment


Browse through styles and examples of custom foam insert cases.

Tim the Toolman Taylor has nothing on Frank, the Foreign Object Damage foam.

Was that joke bad? Yes, it absolutely was. But what it has in common with this application is that something is missing — like a tool! And if a tool is missing, you’ll want a method of tool control that uses two-tone colored foam to tell you that a.) a tool is missing and b.) which tool.

Used by OEMs to promote tool accountability and asset management, having custom foam inserts do the hard work for you enhances productivity, and frankly, looks pretty cool, too.

🎵If I had a million parts (If I had a million parts)...🎵

….sung to the iconic Barenaked Ladies tune

If you had a million parts, you’d need a tray system to stack foam inserts on top of each, so you can fit even more parts into your case. Keeping everything in one spot while keeping everything compact is an artform — removing the trays easily from the case with web strapping, metal handles or hand grabs. You can even add a routed plastic cap for a chic little touch, or route two-tone plastic caps for easily labeling each cavity. 

"*Management is, above all, a practice where art, science, and craft meet."
….*Insert, “Inventory” and you’ve nailed what we do.

We create custom foam solutions that enable efficient inventory management of sterile packaged implants in the medical space — designed so that you can clearly present a myriad of sizes while also allowing for quick inventory counting afterward. Fully wipeable options for both the interior and exterior, our inserts are organized with ease of use, point of sale and accounting in mind. 

Ladies and gentleman, it is my honor to present to you…

One of the main purposes for our foam inserts, drum roll please... 

For the sake of presentation!

Without a gorgeous case lined with individually carved foam, you may have to keep your products in a bag or box. Custom foam adds an elevated touch to your product and helps strike a memorable first impression to your customer so you stand out from the competition. 

🎵"I got you, babe."🎵
-Sonny & Cher
...also us when your products need protection.

The truth is, if you’re not presenting — it means you’re protecting. Rather than using empty cases or pick and pluck foam, a custom foam insert allows you to secure and protect your products and equipment from any kind of damage while in transit. Our custom foam can be made into any type of shipping case; aluminum, waterproof, and ATAs, and you can pick any of your favorite cases (Pelican, SKB, Nanuk, Modi) and put a custom foam insert inside. 

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