Balance Quality Standards and Budget Constraints

Sourcing managers have a lot of criteria to balance in purchasing activities — packaging solutions included. While suppliers need to work within the confinements of budgets and timelines, they must also be innovative and deliver high-quality custom case solutions. If one takes precedence over the other, businesses can suffer profit loss and have to go back to the drawing board to find replacements.

The tricky part is that many sourcing managers rely on multiple suppliers for a single custom case solution, from the design and manufacturing stages to the logistics of shipments. So they don’t just need to find these qualities in one supplier but rather several — and they have to oversee them all. The more supplier relationships there are to manage, the greater the workload, and the more chances there are for miscommunications and stalled production times.

How Cases By Source Helps
Sourcing Managers Win

Innovator vs Supplier
Innovator Vs. Supplier
While CBS is a provider of custom cases, our real value is in how we design and engineer solutions to fit your specific needs. Rather than working from an existing template, we use our technical expertise to build custom solutions from the ground-up that balance creative demands with technical specifications. You save time, and get better results.
Cost Savings
Cost Savings
With our design for manufacturing (DFM) approach, sourcing managers don’t have to worry about the scenario where a manufacturing supplier can’t replicate the work of an industrial designer. Innately designed to ease the manufacturing process, DFM delivers high-quality results at a cost-effective rate — a factor that helps you meet your savings goals.
All in One
All-in-One Solution
From the first conversation where we learn about your needs and goals to the moment your product ships, CBS handles every step of your custom case development. While this offers significant benefits in terms of production time and costs, our emphasis on customer service also simplifies communications and gets you answers to your questions fast.
Supply Chain
Improved Supply Chain
At CBS, we understand that if one part of the supply chain fails, the entire ecosystem feels the impact. That’s why we offer assistance every step of the way to streamline logistics, from custom labels to customer shipments. Our team stresses on-time delivery that saves you costs and also ensures that customers receive your product on time.
Hear What Sourcing Managers We’ve
Worked With Have to Say…
When I came to Cases By Source, I was on a tight budget and a tighter timeline. They understood my priorities and delivered a solution for the price I needed a week ahead of time. (Did I mention the cases look amazing?!)

Sourcing Manager at Consumer Products Company

From start to finish,
CBS will guide your custom case project to success.

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