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Custom cases and packaging for medical applications

Medical device and pharmaceutical companies require cases with demanding aesthetic and functional needs — and rightfully so. If there’s one industry with equipment that needs to stay safe, well, as you might imagine, it’s this one.

From withstanding specific temperature ranges or careful consideration in shipping valuable drugs, blood or tissue, custom medical cases are the safest and most ideal packaging solution for the presentation, organization and protection of your valuable medical devices. Our cases can be designed from a variety of materials including aluminum, EVA, plastic, nylon fabric or wood to provide any added value and protection your product needs — from implant sales kits and instrument trays to expensive medical equipment and beyond. 

And the possibilities are endless — like custom foam interiors designed to your exact requirements, and our exterior options provide a variety of branding opportunities for company logos or other corporate identification.

We’ve built our reputation on delivering innovative, well-engineered solutions to our customers. With our experience solving case problems for Merck, Wyeth, Medtronic, Johnson & Johnson (to name just a few), our sales engineers guide you from the concept, design, production and delivery processes as you customize a unique case solution that works best for you. It’s an evolutionary and collaborative process and partnership that we pride ourselves on.

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Custom Examples

  • Diabetic Test Cases
  • Dialysis Testing Cases
  • Endoscope Cases
  • Hearing Instrument Cases
  • Hemophiliac Life Saver Cases
  • Laser Surgery Demo Cases
  • Medical Imaging Cases
  • Mobile CAT Scan Case

A little bit about our process

We’re passionate about creating the best custom designed carrying solutions for your medical products. At the core, we aim to first understand your vision and the requirements so that our industrial designers can combine corporate branding, design requirements, and technical innovations and design a truly individualized case. Depending on the complexity, this process can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 12 months — as you can imagine, a solution for a patient monitoring product is very different from an EMS product. During the design phase, renderings will be given to ensure that we execute against your vision. And once approved, first articles will be manufactured for testing and approval — followed by any modifications if necessary from the testing results. Finally, it’s on to the production phase. Many of our customers require monthly releases, kanbans, or alternative shipping arrangements to compliment the manufacturing and timing of the medical components, and we have the expertise and experience to support these JIT shipping requests — no problem. If this sounds like something that could work for you and your team, feel free to contact a sales engineer for a free consultation.

See below for a few of of the most common medical components we create custom solutions for:

Medical Devices

Medical device and pharmaceutical companies require cases with demanding aesthetic and functional needs, so we design a case that perfectly fits your delicate and uniquely shaped medical instrumentation from rugged carrying cases to stylish sales cases.

Medical Implants and Sales Demo

From concept to completion, our sales engineers will develop the perfect solution for your medical implants and demo cases from orthopedics to surgical implants. Whether you need transport cases for your sales force or plan on displaying your devices at the next exhibition — we can act as your single-source supplier.

Medical Instrumentation

Bring us your sensitive and expensive medical instrumentation — and we’ll design and manufacture protective case solutions for them (and you). Our engineers have designed cases used for protecting orthopedic, dental and surgical instruments.


Source will develop hard or soft AED and defibrillator cases with protective foam interiors.&nbsp; Everything from sensitive medical devices for sales forces, to endoscopes, to medical implants, to EMS case solutions for first responders - we are prepared to use these best practices in developing your solution.

Our design staff has experience designing medical equipment cases like...

  • Implant Sales Kits
  • Instrument Trays
  • AED Case
  • Blood Glucose Meter Case
  • Temperature Controlled Shippers
  • Oxygen Tank Case
  • Portable X-Ray Equipment
  • Ramp Case for Ultrasound Equipment
  • Diabetic Test Cases
  • Dialysis Testing Cases
  • Endoscope Cases
  • Hearing Instrument Cases
  • Hemophiliac Life Saver Cases
  • Laser Surgery Demo Cases
  • Medical Imaging Cases
  • Mobile CAT Scan Case
  • Power Pack Cases
  • Oxygen Tank Cases
  • Patient Monitoring Cases
  • Temperature Controlled Shippers

Customers like Johnson & Johnson, Medtronic, Merck and Pfizer can (and will!) tell you that we successfully helped them to...

  • Improve Inventory Control
  • Enhance Their Brand
  • Protect Valuable Equipment
  • Increase Inventory Turns
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