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Meet Performance and Industry Requirements

When lead engineers bring products to internal stakeholders, customers or businesses, technical specifications need to be met, but a lot can happen while the product is in transit. As you probably know, shipped products are subject to vibrations, extreme temperatures and pressures that — without the proper packaging solutions — can physically harm the product and drastically hinder its performance. Improper performance can lead to safety and compliance issues that require costly resolutions, and frankly, no one needs that.


While engineers care about durable packaging solutions — and want to see third-party tests that verify such protection — your concerns extend beyond that. Certain packaging materials may conflict with product materials or lack relevant certifications to meet industry standards. With the inability to be flexible around these requirements and the need to account for visual demands, developing a custom case can become complex and time-consuming.

How Cases By Source Helps
Lead Engineers Win

Technical Expertise
Technical Expertise

While many competitors work on a higher volume basis, we’re immersed in helping customers solve technical problems — in fact, we embrace them. Whether you need to maintain the temperature of liquids in transit or turn your case into a charging station, we’ll leverage our technical knowledge and years of experience to find proper solutions.

Proper Performance
Proper Performance

From the design table to the end-user, the quality of your product never has to change. CBS leverages design for manufacturing (DFM) and the optimal manufacturing techniques to create custom case solutions that protect sensitive products from damage while in transit. This ensures that products not only function but also arrive and appear as they started.

Ensured Compliance
Ensured Compliance

You care about certifications — and so do we. That’s why we leverage the materials and processes you need to meet industry standards — whether it relates to FDA requirements, chemical compatibility or heat stress applications. Each custom case we develop is built from specifications gathered in both the boardroom and out in the field.

Room for Innovation
Room for Innovation

While the bandwidth or budget may not always be there to create innovative packaging solutions, having us as an extension of your team helps fill this gap. We leverage value-engineered design and economical processes to deliver high-quality custom cases in less time and with fewer costs.

Hear What Lead Engineers We’ve
Worked With Have to Say…
Cases By Source knew all the ins and outs of case design and met all of our tech reqs with flying colors. They helped us identify and develop the best solution for our circumstances and made things as easy as possible.

Lead Engineer at Military Prime Contractor

From start to finish,
CBS will guide your custom case project to success.

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