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Temperature Controlled Shipping Case

The Challenge

A world-renowned beverage company required a custom solution for transporting liquids from far-off, sometimes Third-World nations, to testing facilities on all corners of the globe. When plastic corrugated shipping containers were used, the bottles shattered, the boxes buckled, and unpredictable temperature fluctuations easily overwhelmed the packages.

The Response

Drawing upon our experience with the medical industry, we designed a budget-conscious soft-side case that could handle the heavy—75 pounds—but sensitive payload and maintain a critical temperature range for sometimes week-long stretches.

Temperature Controlled Shipping Case

"We turned to Source to help us solve a problem. We ship bottles around the globe for sample testing. We were finding many damaged samples and broken bottles when the packages returned home. Source's solution did not only protect the bottles from breaking but it was also temperature controlled."

-- Program Manager 

The Solution

We designed a soft-side case with a top-loading tray insert constructed of expanded polypropylene foam engineered to increase air flow. Gel packs were inserted into the case walls. We customized the insert to protect the payload, while allowing the temperature to be maintained within the critical tolerance. We built the cases of ballistic nylon strong enough to withstand world-wide travel, handling, and environmental fluctuations. The outer, rectangular case was strengthened with firm polyethylene foam sewn into the lining of waterproof nylon that was added to keep the cold air inside. Molded plastic corners were also attached to the exterior to maintain shape and ruggedize the solution.

For ease of handling, we added recessed inline-skate wheels doubled up to support the heavy payload, and a handle with an ergonomic rubber grip for comfort. The final addition of document pouches and silk-screened branding and handling information established these cases as the optimal packaging solution for the client's needs.

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