Case Study: Lean Manufacturing: Tool Control Service Case

The Challenge

A Silicon Valley customer who often works in “clean rooms” was looking for a tool control solution that would allow them to organize and inventory service instruments in an efficient manner without compromising the sterile environment.

The Response

The client wanted a case that segmented tools into service categories so that they could survey the instruments quickly and eliminate/remove unnecessary items for each job. Our ATA SpectraCase provided the right fit for their organizational requirements.

The Solution and Results

Our customized project not only eliminated the risk of time, manpower, and expenses lost by disorganization, but also directly contributed to the client’s lean manufacturing initiative: The customer now uses our custom-made ATA SpectraCases with trays organized into one week, one month, six month, and one year installments to organize and control the tools they need to service machines that produce microchips. They simply swap out the interchangeable trays quickly and efficiently prior to each service call, allowing for on-the-spot inventory and a proactive approach to the task at hand. All of the foam is anti-static and is cut with a water-jet to eliminate dust.