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Pelican Cases far exceed the highest standards for waterproof cases. Pelican Cases are airtight, lightweight, watertight, dust and corrosion proof, unbreakable cases used to house industrial, airline, military, recreation and commercial applications. They provide no-nonsense, hard-knocks protection and waterproof coverage for on-the-job situations, regardless of transportation and handling hazards or site conditions. Equipment never traveled so comfortably and securely. The highly-durable, incredibly light structural foam resin shell is dent-proof, shock-, scratch- and corrosion-resistant. The cases even float! Pelican’s wide range of sizes offers endless opportunities for the storage, protection, and organization of all kinds of equipment—from the smallest PDAs and personal gadgets to laptops, sensitive instrumentation, weapons systems, and larger electronic and industrial devices. Pelican cases are available empty, foam filled, with liners, padded dividers or can can be customized with a custom foam interior. Our sales engineers are available to discuss your requirements. Contact us for a free consultation.

Pelican cases are used for all types of applications: laptop computers, cameras, audio & video equipment, electronics, tradeshows, business travel, airline & carry-on luggage, shipping, military, police and law enforcement, firearms and weapons, fire and hazmat departments, scuba diving, water sports, medical and emergency applications and many more.

In addition to their rugged waterproof cases, Pelican makes a line of cases that provide safe watertight protection for your laptop computer, iPad, iPod, iPhone, tablet PC and other small mobile electronics.

If you can't find a Pelican product to meet your requirements, consider a Hardigg rotomolded case or a Hardigg Storm case which is part of the Pelican family of protective case products.

Pelican flashlights are a collection of lighting tools for air combat missions, tactical raids, and underwater dives. From NVG-compatible and IR flashlights to heavy duty Xenon and LED lights, all are built for extreme conditions and backed by the Pelican Lifetime Guarantee. Pelican flashlights have a plethora of safety approvals to protect against dangerous out-gassing; many lights are Class 1, Division 1. Numerous models are rechargeable such as the LAPD Pelican 7060 light producing 130 LED lumens. Check out our large selection of Pelican flashlights, dive lights, and headlamps.

Design your own custom foam inserts for Pelican Cases

    Pelican Cases
    Pelican Cases

    Waterproof, airtight cases available in over 40 sizes with and without foam carry the Pelican name and lifetime warranty.

    Pelican Flashlights
    Pelican Flashlights
    Durable flashlights for multiple applications: Dive, Fire, Tactical, Recreational. Heavy or Medium Duty, LED & Recoil, Infrared and Remote Lighting Systems.
    Pelican ProGear
    Pelican ProGear

    ProGear puts this cutting-edge, rugged dependability within consumer reach by integrating Pelican's case technology into protective backpacks for laptops, tablets and other digital gear.

    Composite Shock Rack
    Composite Shock Rack

    Composite Rack Cases provide exceptional equipment protection with the added utility of slide-mounted 19-inch racks - available from 3U to 14U in a variety of depths.

    Pelican Accessories
    Pelican Accessories

    Pelican accessories including replacement foam sets, dividers kits, lid organizers and o-rings

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  • Case Study: Military Camera System Case

    The Challenge

    A specialist on active duty for the National Guard Security Force Platoon, wanted to custom build a “Combat Crewman Camera System” for mounting on armored military tactical vehicles and use in various missions and training procedures. He came to us with a napkin sketch and a fixed budget.

    The Response

    We chose the watertight, crushproof and dustproof Pelican 1490 for its durable construction and locking latches that would ensure a tight closure during transit and not disturb the top-mounted cameras. We also designed a custom foam interior shaped to secure the many components of the client’s creative AV system.

    The Solution

    The project was a collaborative effort: We engineered the custom foam interior to meet the client’s specifications for the delicate audio and visual components. He did the rest: He mounted multiple XLR connectors on the case and added handles for immobilization during transit and to allow him to open the case without disturbing the camera positions. He also installed several camera pedestal mounts on the case for maximum visibility at a wide range of angles and added other modifications to protect the case from moisture.

    To complete the system, the client purchased an Otter Waterproof Case (OC-1000) and converted it into an SD card holder. He also customized a Pelican 1400 (PC-1400) for use as a support case. It stores the rest of the camera system parts, including the mounting brackets, the Otter case with the SD cards, and the camera pedestal extension mounts.

  • Case Study: Medical Device Instrument Case

    The Challenge

    A California-based spinal company relied on flimsy corrugated packaging and commercially-produced dunnage to protect their anatomically-driven instrumentation. They came to Cases By Source to explore more effective alternatives and, in the course of sending their equipment for measurement, experienced first-hand proof of their need for cases: The tools were damaged in transit.

    The Response

    To protect the client’s sensitive equipment, we suggested a durable but portable case that would guarantee protection and still offer the aesthetics of a sales demo kit. The Pelican 1510 Carry-On Case pairs durable, lightweight construction with a travel-friendly design that meets FAA carry-on size regulations—a perfect solution for this client’s needs.

    The Solution

    Using our sophisticated structural design tools, we measured each piece of equipment in order to determine the most sensible layout for the custom interior. We then created 3D computer models of the instruments and proposed interior to provide the customer with a quick snapshot of the case before production commenced. For this client, we fabricated a closed-cell cross-linked, routed-foam custom insert to secure the items and display them in an efficient order inside the watertight, crushproof and dustproof case. This foam is available in a variety of densities with rich color saturations. For brand recognition and informational purposes, we added a scratchproof, personalized label to the exterior and a literature pouch was secured in the lid.