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CONSUMER: This New Material will Protect Your Sensitive Equipment like Never Before

Cases By Source News

One of the biggest concerns about using foam to proectect valuables is that the foam will bend, dent, or damage the sensitive equipment.  But using an empty case allows your valuables to move and shift around, leaving them susceptible to even more damage.  Is there no way to win??

Lucky for you, Cases by Source has the solution: RecoCell Foam.

Gone are the days of makeshift protection!  You will never have to shove another soft case into a hard one that wasn't even made for your product again!  No more using the buubble wrap from your Amazon packages.  No more wrapping your equipment in your laundry.

RecoCell Foam is here and this is what you need to know about it:

  1. RecoCell Foam is made with form-fitting technology that allows it to shape itself around your equipment.  It can snuggly cradle even the most delicate valuables without causing any damage or change in the valuables' shapes.  
  2. Its rebounding nature also allows it to bounce back to its original shape when you remove your equipment.  What results is a foam that is guaranteed to fit your equipment perfectly every time and make sure the equipment does not ever move.
  3. RecoCell Foam is perfect for protecting delicate valuables, such as drones and drone accessories, brass instruments, and any other high-end products.  
  4. RecoCell cradles your equipment so gently that you don't have to take off your drone propellers when you store it.  This foam is guaranteed not to damage or bend them!
  5. The foam is made specifically to protect your valuables in the roughest of travel conditions.  It can even stand up to the extremely rough way TSA officers handle your luggage at the airport!

Want to try this incredible technology?  Choose a type of case below to see products that feature our brand new RecoCell Foam!

     Click picture below for                     Click picture below for

     TANK Instrument Cases                  CasePro Drone Cases

Tank_Announcement.jpg CPE-PHAN3-CO_close_up.jpg

RecoCell Foam can be seen above in white and blue.

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