The Advantages of Using Blow Molded Carry Cases: Maximizing Efficiency and Protection

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an example of a blow molded carry case

Blow molded cases are widely used across industries for the secure, efficient storage and transport of items. While we’ll dig into the process that brings these cases to life, we’ll explore the benefits of blow molded cases — from their high-impact resistance, to their weather resistance, to their cost-effectiveness — as well as customization ideas and real-world examples of their use.

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A Brief Introduction to Blow Molded Carry Cases

Blow molded carry cases are sophisticated case solutions that emphasize form and function. These types of cases are generally constructed from robust materials like high-density polyethylene (HDPE), with the plastic material heated until it becomes malleable. From there, it’s inflated into a precise mold that forms an impact-resistant shell.

The result from the blow molding process is a lightweight yet sturdy design. It’s this structural integrity, paired with an ergonomic and stackable design, that make blow molded carry cases ideal for safely transporting sensitive equipment and tools while making the most efficient use of space.

The High Impact Resistance of Blow Molded Cases

One of the notable benefits of blow molded cases is their ability to shield delicate items from the rigorous impact of transit, storage and handling. The materials used in the blow molding process yield an impact-resistant design that can absorb and dissipate external forces. This prevents physical shocks from causing harm to fragile equipment, whether that’s electronic devices or precision instruments.

The Weatherproof Features of Blow Molded Cases

Blow molded storage solutions also provide a solid layer of defense against various weather elements. In combination with the use of durable materials, the seamless and uniform structure that blow molding achieves yields a weather-resistant design. Blow molded cases also act as a dependable barrier against extreme temperatures, ensuring that enclosed items aren’t subject to the effects of heat or cold.

Customizing Blow Molded Cases

The list of blow molded benefits also includes room for ample customization options. The manufacturing process allows for the development of precisely molded designs alongside the addition of various blow molded case features that can offer advanced protection and enhance the overall look and feel of solutions.

Flexibility in Size & Shape

Blow molded transport cases can be crafted to accommodate the unique contours and requirements of items. This is made possible by the blow molding process, which offers a high degree of design freedom in terms of adjusting molds. The versatility in size and shape ensures a snug fit that provides the optimal protection.


Functional Features

With blow molded storage solutions, there’s the option to add a tailored foam insert to the case’s interior. This insert provides further cushioning for products, protecting them from shocks as well as any movement during transit. As an alternative to a foam insert, you can opt for a molded insert, which eliminates the addition of foam as a cost driver.

There’s also the option to incorporate ergonomic handles into the case design. Outfitted with a comfortable grip, these handles enhance the use and portability of blow molded transport cases — whether it’s transporting medical devices between hospitals or power tools across a tradeshow floor.

Branding Opportunities

When it comes to reinforcing brand alignment with blow molded cases, consider color. Companies can match the color palette of their blow molded storage solutions with their brand colors to achieve a professional, unique appearance. This turns cases into more of a strategic branding tool that builds a sense of trust and familiarity with their market.

Texturing and labeling offer additional ways to enhance the branding of cases. From a texture standpoint, a lawn equipment provider may opt for a more rugged texture while a medtech company may opt for a sleeker, more modern texture on their cases. In the case of labels, companies can opt to include product visuals and information right on the exterior of the case — as well as other key brand identifiers like a logo and tagline.

The Cost-Effectiveness of Blow Molded Carry Cases

While speaking to the advantages of blow molded cases, it’s also important to touch on the fact that these cases are relatively inexpensive. The blow molding process enables intricate designs without requiring expensive molds, which allows for low tooling costs. At the same time, the lightweight properties of materials like HDPE contribute to lower production and shipping costs, making blow molded cases even more affordable.

Versatile Applications Across Industries

Uses of blow molded cases extend across a wide range of industries. This list includes:

  • Medical: Blow molded transport cases are used to protect delicate medical instruments and devices in transit and storage while maintaining cleanliness and hygiene. Blood pressure monitors, handheld ultrasound machines and surgical instruments are a few examples.
  • Industrial: Blow molded storage solutions help safeguard industrial tools while making them easy to access on the move. Such tools could include laser measuring devices, portable spectrometers, wrench sets, drills and surveying equipment.
  • Food: Blow molded cases are used to store and transport large amounts of food products, ensuring they remain fresh in transit while allowing for efficient logistics. Flour, rice, sugar, grains, seeds and beans are just a handful of product examples.
  • Lawn/Garden: Blow molded transport cases are suitable for delicate lawn care equipment, helping to ensure its longevity in the field. This can range from hedge trimmers and garden sprayers to pruners and shears.

Blow Molded Carry Cases Are a Strategic Choice

The benefits of blow molded cases paint a clear picture of why they’re a strategic choice for transporting and storing valuable equipment. They’re built for durability, offer a plethora of customization options and provide a cost-effective solution for companies.

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