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How Does Packaging Contribute to Product Identification?

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In its most basic sense, packaging is thought of as a means to get products safely into the hands of end-users. Yet, more businesses are starting to realize that packaging functions like a blank canvas — one where you can begin to define the story of your product and your brand.

Exactly how does packaging contribute to product identification and brand awareness? From insight into product features to unique brand identifiers that establish a sense of familiarity and perceived quality, packaging can speak volumes about the differences between your products and those of competitors.

Convey Details That Improve Product Outreach

You may have heard the statistic before that it takes only 7 seconds to make a first impression on someone. When you think about this from a product perspective — where consumers tend to make purchasing decisions fast — the packaging has to effectively communicate details about the product in a clear, concise way (no guesswork needed).

While these details can come in the form of messaging, they can also be illustrated through the product packaging itself. Take Festina waterproof watches, for instance. With the simple message of “engineered for water,” the company backs up that claim in a tangible way: each watch is housed in a transparent bag that is filled with distilled water.

While very creative in nature, the Festina product example illustrates a larger theme: In a matter of seconds, it is possible to convey the benefits of your product while still maintaining simplicity. All it takes is some thinking outside of the box (pun intended).

Reinforce Brand Identity Through Visual Elements

If someone were to describe your product packaging to a 5-year-old, would that child be able to find your product on a store shelf? While the 5-year-old test is one of the most classic marketing tests, it continues to offer value in modern package design. Children tend to focus on visual cues, and in order to find your product, the packaging needs to be simple and distinct.

The beauty of unique brand identifiers is that they innately make your packaging unique. From your brand colors to your company logo, these elements were likely selected with the thoughts and emotions of your target audience in mind. As an interface between your business and your customers, and an extension of your brand, your product packaging should follow suit.

With this in mind, let’s say you ask a child to pick out the salt in a supermarket aisle with a girl and a yellow umbrella on it. Chances are they’ll have no trouble finding Morton Salt. The product packaging features the brand’s iconic logo, as well as its standard color schemes.

Looking to upgrade packaging for existing products or create packaging for new products in your portfolio? As a provider of high-quality, custom packaging solutions, Cases By Source will work with you to design, engineer and manufacture packaging that reflects positively on your product and your brand. Contact us today to get the conversation started.


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