How Often Should You Be Replacing Foam Inserts for Cases?

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an example of a custom foam insert that reduces replacement time and costs

Foam inserts for cases carry a lot of weight, quite literally sometimes. Whether we’re talking about 70-pound airplane brakes, or rows upon rows of heavy-duty maintenance tools, foam inserts are tasked with keeping critical and or valuable items safe and secure in transit.

Foam inserts naturally experience wear and tear over time that calls for replacement. But when this time comes depends on several factors — including ones you can control.

5 Factors That Impact When Foam Inserts Need To Be Replaced

1. Quality of Material

How durable a foam insert is starts with the material it uses. Closed-cell foams are noted for their resilience and longevity in comparison to their open-cell counterparts; the closed-cell structure makes the material more resistant to compression and impact.

2. Frequency of Use

Whether a foam insert is used for shipping or handling, its level of use impacts lifespan. With more movement, foam inserts undergo added compression and impact. These variables can lead to a quicker loss of structural integrity that necessitates foam insert replacements.

3. Nature of Stored Items

When dealing with heavier or irregularly shaped items, foam inserts feel that impact. Uneven pressure on a foam insert can lead to deformation in certain areas faster than others. Less cushioned, shock-absorbent foam can further aggravate this problem and lead to premature foam (and product) damage.

4. Environmental Conditions

Some foam inserts are exposed to more external stressors, from extreme temperatures to high humidity levels. While the former can cause foam to grow brittle or degrade, the latter can lead to mold growth and wear. If foam inserts aren’t built to withstand these environmental conditions, they’ll have to be replaced after a shorter period of use.

5. Customized vs. Stock Inserts

With foam inserts for cases, you have the option to go down the customization or pick and pluck route. Customization provides a tailored fit that removes wiggle room and enhances the foam insert’s durability. It also gives you added control over materials and design to create a higher-quality insert that supports the unique needs of your products.

Replace Foam Inserts Less With Custom Solutions

Having to replace foam inserts frequently costs time and money. Whereas pick-and-pluck foam inserts aren’t built for longevity, custom inserts are. While longevity will depend on usage of the case, you can expect to transition from replacing foam inserts every few months to every few years.

Learn more about the advantages of custom foam inserts for cases as compared to the traditional pick-and-pluck approach. Take a look at this helpful resource.

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