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Booth in a Box Trade Show Case

The Challenge

Tired of waiting after trade shows for our shipping crates, and observing trade show exhibitors’ poor packing habits and insufficient product protection inspired us to create a better solution for clients who needed a more efficient method of transport for displays and merchandise.

The Response

Inspired by cases we've made for the military—the ones that allow our troops to set up impromptu workstations and communication posts in the field—we designed a case that not only functions as a shipping container, but also as convertible exhibit fixtures.


"It might be just a box but the Booth in a Box is revolutionary for us! Now our shipping creates can double as booth tables. Saves us in shipping and storage costs. Source made me the hero to my boss. THANK YOU!"

-- Marketing Coordinator

The Solution

For a recent trade show, we packed a 10’ x 10’ booth’s contents in two of our new 48” x 28” x 30” (exterior dimensions) Booth in a Box trade show cases. We designed the case lids to transform into tables, placed them next to the bases, and draped them to make standard 8’ tables. We used the 14.39 cubic feet—per case—of interior storage space for ancillary literature, coats, tools, and other non-essentials. And while we watched our fellow exhibitors inventory their freight and battle "popcorn," bubble wrap, packing tape, and banged-up corrugated containers, we simply removed the protective plastic wrap from our cases’ exteriors, lifted the lids, assembled the tables, and unpacked and placed our materials. All in less than half the time it took other exhibitors to set up the same size booths. At the end of the trade show, we packed the cases, folded down the table legs into the lid, placed the lids on the cases, and left for the airport…back home an entire day early.

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