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case study

Branded Molded Case for Clinical Device

The Challenge

When RIVANNA designed Accuro, the first ultrasound-based epidural guidance device, they wanted the innovation of its product to shine from the inside out. The transport case for the medical device needed to be protective and portable, and needed to tell the story of RIVANNA — from the professional look to building upon their brand identity. These goals led to a partnership with Cases By Source.

The Response

The Cases By Source team of industrial designers and mechanical engineers worked collaboratively with the RIVANNA product design team from Silicon Valley to design a custom case solution. With an EVA case identified as the optimal solution due to its ability to be highly customized and branded, but with affordable tooling costs, the team at Cases By Source got to work.

The semi-rigid case was designed so that the LEDs on the medical device were visible from the exterior of the case. That way, physicians could easily see the power level on the device and know if it was ready for use. Meanwhile, the interior was custom molded to cradle all the components and organize the equipment for ease of use. In the event that the device needed to be charged, ports were molded into the side of the case so cables could pass through the case – and yes, the case can be charged while the zipper is closed!


“The transport case for Accuro needed to protect the device and be portable, and needed to tell the story of RIVANNA – from the professional look to building upon their brand identity."

The Solution

The attention was in the details, with fabric choices paired to accentuate the RIVANNA brand. From the zipper tape to the branded tag, materials were chosen to give the molded case a finished look and truly complement the medical device. The logo is indelibly embossed into the lid of the case to make the brand pop. And when the case is unzipped, the Accuro product is showcased front and center – giving a similar feel to the unboxing of a smart phone.

Each Accuro unit that ships is packed inside the custom EVA solution designed with the Cases By Source team. From a logistics perspective, we manufacture the cases at our overseas factory at an economical cost, import them and manage the inventory locally from our U.S. warehouse against a release schedule. 

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