case study

Firearms Manufacturer Plastic Case

The Challenge

When their original case supplier went out of business, a manufacturer approached Source with the challenge of duplicating their existing case on a firm budget, with only a two-week lead time. Without a case, the client’s production would grind to a halt; customer dissatisfaction would be unavoidable and the financial impact would be crippling.

The Response

A longer-lead time would have allowed our sales engineers to design a custom foam interior, a specialty at Source. However, the ticking clock mandated an alternate approach: We did a thorough audit of the existing case and presented the customer with an educated breakdown of foam-filled, protective stock case solutions.


"Thanks so much to Source! When our current case supplier went out of business we were faced with having to delay a product launch which would have resulted in lost revenue. Source came in, sampled quickly and delivered production in 2 weeks allowing us to hit our launch date!!"

-- Product Manager

The Solution

Our large selection of stock cases made it easy to provide a solution that was almost identical to the customer’s original case. We shipped a prototype to the customer via overnight mail and received an order the following morning for 2500 units. Within a few days the customer’s cases were delivered—on time, within budget and without disruption or financial impact. Our approach to this emergent situation impressed the clients and inspired them to place a blanket order (with monthly releases) for the cases. We now also provide the client with a branded vinyl label for application to the case prior to shipping from the factory. Giving their logo this heightened visibility has improved the company’s brand recall and customer recognition in the marketplace.

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