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Stylized, Integrated Backpack Case

The Challenge

While livestreaming has become a popular feature on social media platforms, companies like uStream were at the forefront of this media access. Before you could livestream on your phone, uStream sought to build a device that would enable videographers and newscasters to record on their phones and broadcast socially in real-time. The intention was to put power in the hands of the people — both those behind the broadcast and those on the receiving end. With this goal in mind, the business turned to Cases By Source for a mobile, yet highly integrated solution.

The Response

When uStream first came to Cases By Source, they identified an issue of their users having to carry multiple bags of equipment. To enable users to quickly start livestreaming, they wanted to make all equipment accessible from a single portable bag.

Taking each piece of equipment into account, we custom-molded a solution around the product, with integrations to hook up components and enable venting, as well as multiple battery packs to put up a signal. All the while, the backpack was stylized to meet the customer’s vision of a cool and functional case.

Case Study backpacks

“The intention was to put the power in the hands of the people — both those behind the broadcast and those on the receiving end.”

The Solution

With the ability to easily transport equipment needed to livestream, the uStream backpack case made it possible for videographers and newscasters to broadcast high-quality video to a global audience — no satellite trucks or news cameras needed. In a time when livestreaming was a novel technology, this live coverage of current events and breaking news helped individuals on the receiving end of the line begin to stay as informed as the people reporting on the ground.

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