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Silicone Skins: Shape the Potential of Your Product

Unplanned costs are a burden to any business, and the replacement of damaged devices is no exception. Whether due to the stress of drops, vibrations, extreme temperatures or moisture, the end result is the same: companies have to reinvest time and money into a new device — and even when the delivery issue is addressed, the customer relationship still remains scarred.

While silicone skins are valued as a protective layer for iPhones, they serve the same purpose for other ruggedized and handheld devices, thermal imaging equipment, spectrometers and heart monitor sensors (to name a few examples). And when these lightweight, heat-resistant skins are customized specifically to your product and your brand, the opportunities are endless.


The Response

The customer came to us with the idea for silicone skins that would protect transmitters — the bottom rectangular piece that plugs into the microphone and relays the audio to the rest of the communications system. While we had ample experience making silicone skins for clients, this was the first case where a watertight seal was needed.


The Solution

The Cases By Source team worked with the client to create a two-piece silicone casing. One silicone skin covers the actual transmitter, while a second goes on the bottom of the microphone and rolls up onto the other to establish a watertight seal. The silicone skin was designed and manufactured to have all the openings needed to allow the microphone to screw into the transmitter and for wires to extend out from the microphone.

With a skin-on-skin solution to ensure total protection, news and weather agencies were able to avoid shorts during Hurricane Dorian and ensure that the audio equipment worked as it should. This innovative skin offers great protection for rainstorms, snowstorms and other environments where moisture can cause disruption.

What the Cases By Source Process Looks Like for Silicone Skins

For quantities as low as 500 units (or larger production runs), Cases By Source can design and manufacture custom silicone skins with quick turnaround times. Once we receive your parts or 3D files, the "design to your door" process takes only a few weeks. Check out the interactive chart below for standard and expedited timelines (and yes, pricing will vary).

Ship Sample (air)
Ship Production (air or ocean)
Total time for standard process: 10-13 weeks
Ship Sample (air)
Ship Production (air)
Total time for expedited process: 4-5 weeks

"CBS's solution to our problem was so innovative! A protective silicone skin is now saving us thousands of dollars in replacing damaged equipment."


The first step with any custom silicone skin project is to get the conversation started.

Tell us about your needs, and Cases By Source will come back with a quote for your application.