CONSUMER: 9 Tools Everybody Should Have

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A surprising number of us come up unprepared when something at home breaks and needs repair.  Professional service is often expensive, and with YouTube around, you can at least try to Do-It-Yourself.  But you can't do that without the proper equipment, so here’s a list of tools every household should have just in case!

  1. Screwdriver set

  2. Utility knife/Box cutter

  3. Hammer and nails
  4.  Pliers
  5. Power drill set (with drill bits)
  6. Adjustable wrench
  7. Tape measure
  8. Level
  9. Flashlight

And here’s a bonus 10th tool: a tool box.  You can’t just put all the tools you bought in a ziplock bag and throw it under your sink.  What good are having tools if they're stored so messily that you can't even find the ones you need when the time comes?  Good quality tools are not cheap, and you’ll want to keep them protected in case of a flood, a rough moving process, etc.  CasePro offers a variety of tool boxes, all of which are waterproof and extremely durable.  Our CasePro Genesis Jumbo Waterproof Tool Case (shown below) even comes with wheels, for easy and safe transport.  Click below to check out CasePro Tool Boxes!


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