Manufacturing Process Spotlight: Fabrication

Custom Case Manufacturing

Fabricated ATA cases, often referred to as anvil cases, road cases or flight cases, are built by skilled carpenters. They are designed to organize, protect, store and transport your valuable equipment.

The ATA Fabrication Process

Panels of plywood are lined with plastic or fiberglass, then cut, assembled and connected with metal components to create a case. Although the process is labor intensive, it is one of the best options to build a single case that is fabricated to your specific requirements with no tooling costs. Any size can be constructed to a 1/8” tolerance. This low-volume alternative can also be adapted for producing 500 cases when required, and offers flexibility in color, construction and optional features such as casters, recessed hardware and wheels, pull handles, fork-lift skids, racks and more.

ATA Fabricated Cases from Cases By Source

Each of our fabricated ATA cases are custom made to ensure a perfect design to meet your needs, and can be produced in low quantities with endless design and functional opportunities. ATA cases are constructed to perform in the most demanding conditions, meeting or exceeding Specification 300, Category 1, ATA. Cases By Source welcomes complicated projects and responds with innovative, value-added solutions.

We offer many options and features that can be incorporated into your case design. Foam fabrication is one of our specialties. Using a combination of hard or soft foams for stability, support and protection, we cut and fit the foam to your specifications. Cases By Source will work with you to develop your project from concept to production (we use AutoCAD designs, PDFs, simple measurements and sketches).

If you want full control over designing your case, please check out the online DIY tool at

Features and Benefits of Fabricated ATA Cases

  • Endless design opportunities
  • Excellent load-bearing properties
  • Variety of finishes and color – molded-in color for reduced maintenance and long-lasting appearance
  • Ball corners for increased impact resistance
  • Recessed hardware protects the case against common transit abuse
  • Range of accessories include lifting rings, fork-lift skids, removable or permanently mounted casters, retractable handles, label holders, document pouches, collapsible handles, drawers and racks
  • Range of interiors, removable or permanent, to provide total protection

ATA Case Applications

  • Medical equipment
  • Electronic equipment
  • Music equipment
  • Optical equipment
  • Sports team equipment
  • Trade show


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