What Are the Benefits of Domestic Production?

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While we’ve already discussed the benefits of offshore production for packaging solutions, domestic production comes with its own set of advantages — ones that can make it a worthwhile choice depending on your product and business model.

Here’s a look at six benefits domestic manufacturing delivers.

6 Advantages of Using Domestic Production

Streamlined Communications

Long-distance communications tend to come with frustrations. While time zones can lead to delays in how feedback is received and addressed, language barriers can overcomplicate messages between the customer and the supplier. Through a shared language and similar time zones, domestic production generally simplifies communications and prevents breakdowns.

Greater Flexibility

Whereas offshore production is centered specifically around high-volume manufacturing, domestic production can also accommodate smaller production runs — let’s say 500 units, for instance. This degree of flexibility allows businesses to operate at a pace that is comfortable to them while reducing any inventory waste. An added benefit: Domestic manufacturers tend to offer more flexible financial terms, from the type of payment method to how it’s divided.

Reduced Shipping Costs

While overseas manufacturing facilities often offer lower labor and production costs, the conversation around shipping costs can’t be ignored. Shipping domestically minimizes the travel time for products and removes international taxes and custom fees — the combination of which reduces shipping expenses. As these costs decrease, you’ll have less overhead to worry about and can maintain lower product costs.

Shorter Lead Times

Speed-to-market is an important factor in what helps businesses stay ahead of the competition. After all, getting your innovations on shelves ahead of the pack increases your market share and opens up the doors to new opportunities. Because domestically manufactured products have less of a distance to travel, the end product is delivered faster to you and your customers.

Elevated Quality Control Standards

Domestic manufacturing facilities pride themselves on their standards for labor and manufacturing. Safe working environments — ones that you can even visit in some cases — are paired with the proper equipment and techniques to ensure the right building blocks are in place to consistently make high-quality products. With fewer design issues to address and a quicker path to resolutions, the pace of production increases and costs are minimized.

Positive Press

The label “Made in the U.S.A.” is an element that consumers appreciate for various reasons. Not only is it a sign that the product helps to create more jobs in America, but customers often perceive that American-made products are of higher quality than those manufactured overseas. As the nation reaps the economic benefits, the reputation of your brand improves in the eyes of your customer base.

Whether your packaging solutions are best suited for offshore or domestic production, the team at Cases By Source offers the solution you need. To get the conversation started around your project, contact our team today.


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