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How Cases By Source Adds Value Over B&H Photo Video

Custom Case Design & Engineering Custom Case Manufacturing


Cases By Source and B&H Photo Video are both recognized as trusted industry providers of case solutions. From Pelican to OtterBox, each organization offers businesses an extensive range of professional stock case solutions to choose from to keep products safe in transit.

While these stock cases are proven to be durable and reliable, the demand for brand-oriented, unique solutions has picked up momentum. So whether there’s a desire to refresh old packaging or new products on the horizon that could require custom cases, now is the time to start forming partnerships with a provider who also focuses on custom value-added solutions.

That’s where Cases By Source and B&H Photo Video differentiate. Whereas B&H Photo Video (and other providers like Amazon and Walmart) focuses on just stock case solutions, Cases By Source has a custom case division as well.

Customization That Stretches From The Inside Out

The Exterior

From watertight cases with wheels and a firm latch closure to roto-molded cases with hinged lids and carry handles, B&H Photo Video and Cases By Source have an array of stock cases that hold up from a visual and durability standpoint. While this is sure to make a good impression on customers and other businesses, it can also strike a similar resemblance to competitor cases and struggle to stand out as much in presentations and on shelves.

Cases By Source delivers custom case solutions that achieve this goal. Whether the case is customized to your brand’s color scheme or molded into the shape of your trademark, the end result will be a clean, concise visual that makes an unmistakable mark between your product and your brand. So before your case is ever opened, your brand story is already brought to life.

The Interior

B&H Photo Video and Cases By Source offer several custom foam inserts for delicate electronics like flat-screen monitors, smartphones and cameras, among other products. While these inserts fulfill the needs of some products, it’s more common than not for a product to have specific dimensions that don’t precisely align with pre-existing templates. Alternatively, you may want to integrate sliding panels, lights or a power source to maximize functionality of the case.

The custom case solutions from Cases By Source provide you with this degree of flexibility. Customizing stock case solutions with custom foam cushions or molded plastic inserts ensures the interior of your case is representative of your brand and the needs of your product.

Plan for the Future with Cases By Source

While stock cases may be your current solution for products (and could still be useful to you in the future), there is a distinct shift toward custom case solutions. And there are good reasons for that: 72% of American consumers say packaging design influences their purchasing decision. And if packaging is unique or branded, 40% of consumers will share an image on social media.

The benefit of choosing Cases By Source is that you’ll have access to both stock and custom cases from a single provider. So as your business and product needs evolve, you’ll have the resources you need to get the solutions you require.custom-case-get-started

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