How to Package Your Products in a Meaningful Way: 3 Tips

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how to package your product

You’ve heard us say it before: product packaging is more than just a storage space — it’s a chance to create a memorable unboxing experience for your customers, whether that’s other businesses or consumers.

As research shows, there’s clear evidence as to why it’s valuable to invest meaningful time in how you package your product. Case in point: 30% of businesses reported a revenue increase after making improvements to their product packaging.

Then, there’s the question of how to package your product in a way that produces such results. Use these three tips as a helpful roadmap.

1. Make Your Package’s Exterior Exude Quality

While browsing the racks at a clothing store, you’re bombarded with a variety of materials — some of which are of higher quality and some of which are not. Think about what makes those high-quality garments stand out. The seams are tight and free of gaps; the colors are even and vibrant; the materials themselves are smooth, yet durable.

The same sentiment should apply to how you package your product. When you pair quality materials with precise manufacturing techniques, the result is product packaging that not only attracts recipients’ eyes, but also provides a premium feel that lives up to those initial expectations.

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2. Add Branded Elements to Your Package’s Exterior

The quality of your product packaging can say a lot about your brand on paper. But wouldn’t it be even more powerful if you could weave elements of your brand into the package itself?

Consider this in the context of a product package for consumer AR/VR equipment. By opting for a pantone-matched color case with a branded zipper tag, your package becomes an even stronger marketing tool and easier to spot (for the right reasons) amongst competing products. To take it a step further, you could design the case’s exterior with graphics that relate back to the AR/VR experience — such as an astronaut moving from one world we know to the next.

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3. Make Your Package’s Interior an Organized, Secure Space

It’s not uncommon to open luggage after a trip and find that items have been tossed around in transit. While these items are generally clothes, shoes, and other non-fragile items that can be easily reorganized, this same jostling can mean big problems for products in transit. 

Let’s say a salesperson is traveling with a sales kit filled with sensitive medical instruments. If turbulence or vibrations on the road cause the instruments to move freely, they’ll be disorganized upon arrival to the hospital (at best) or have cracked due to friction (at worst).

Think of a custom foam insert as a seatbelt for these and other products. While securing your products during transit, the foam’s cushion offers protection against external variables that could otherwise cause product damage.

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Source: Cases By Source

Packaging Design & Manufacturing Done Right

No matter the type of product you need to package, Cases By Source can help you promote and protect it in a meaningful, brand-forward way. With available custom design and manufacturing capabilities, our team can create just the right product packaging fit for you — from materials, to branding, to overall organization.

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