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medical device marketing

By 2028, the global medical device market size is expected to reach nearly $658 billion. Driven in part by the growth of chronic diseases and by an emphasis on early diagnosis and treatment, this growth means an already competitive landscape is about to become even more populated.

While this landscape lends itself to an increased spend around research and development (on the average, medical device companies put 7% of their revenue toward R&D), it also builds the case for an increased spend around the marketing of these devices. After all, even the highest quality medical devices with proven results need to have the right story told to drive sales.

What Makes Medical Device Marketing Effective?

Effective medical device marketing is a combination of intangible and tangible efforts. 

The Intangible

Oftentimes, we think about marketing in terms of materials and content you create to educate your target audience — whether it be physicians, hospital procurement managers or patients — on your products. This can encompass everything from the product’s value proposition to the sales sheets, blog posts and email communications sent to your user base about the product. 

While this messaging should be reflective of one another and your brand, it should also center around challenges your medical device helps customers overcome to connect with them on a more emotional level. In some cases, this may mean identifying new buyer personas so you can create content that appeals specifically to their needs.

The Tangible

Alongside the content strategy you create to market your medical device, there’s also the need to think about the actual presentation of your device. 

Let’s say you’re a sales representative who enters a physician’s office to present your medical device instrumentation. While an organized case interior is sure to make a good impression on the physician (and make the most of your presentation time), a branded exterior case serves to further your brand recognition in the marketplace. What’s more, you can even secure literature about the medical device in a pouch within the lid to marry two of your marketing efforts at once.

The same type of sentiment applies to medical devices that are shipped to their destinations. For an ultrasound-based epidural guidance device, making the power level on the device visible from the exterior case and including ports to charge the device provided added value to the end-user. Considering the ongoing use of such devices, these small packaging considerations have a big impact on the way end-users view and value certain products over competitors.

Where Cases By Source Fits into Your Medical Device Marketing Strategy

At Cases By Source, we believe medical device packaging should reflect the innovation of the products stored inside. From custom foam inserts on the interior of cases to logos and other corporate identification on the exterior of cases, we’ve helped medical device manufacturers design and build the optimal packaging for sales demos, product shipment and more. As a tangible representation of their brand, these custom case solutions help tell the right story to prospects.

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