How Packaging Factors into Successful OEM Marketing

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successful oem marketing

OEM marketing has a lot to do with bringing new leads into the sales funnel — but it also has a lot to do with delighting those manufacturers who have already bought into your products. While this comes down to factors like good communication and support, it’s also a matter of how well OEMs are able to drive home product quality, from the time products leave the production floor to the time they arrive on-site at the manufacturer’s facilities. 

This brings us to the topic of today’s conversation: packaging. As a tangible representation of a brand, OEM packaging plays an important role in how customers perceive product quality and their decision to continue working with a supplier on a long-term basis. Let’s take a closer look.

The Role of Packaging in a Successful OEM Marketing Strategy

When manufacturers make the decision to partner with an OEM, it’s most often done with the intent to avoid costs tied to building manufacturing facilities and managing in-house production. And in turn, these lower costs can be passed on to consumers who invest in the end products.

Yet, if an OEM part — let’s say the delicate screens for cell phones, as an example — shows up in damaged packages, such cost savings can fade as replacement parts may be needed. (Not to mention, delayed production timelines can also lead to inevitable profit loss for businesses.)

To this end, it’s critical that OEM packaging is designed for durability throughout transit. When the optimal design configuration is paired with the ideal materials and manufacturing processes, OEM parts can better withstand the impact of changing environmental conditions, from extreme heat to harsh vibrations. (Third-party testing can be used to verify this.) With a package that is free of dents and scratches upon arrival to a manufacturer’s site, manufacturers can feel more confident about the quality of the product stored inside the case and avoid the need for and the cost of replacement parts.

Another packaging that plays into the OEM marketing strategy is the branding it includes. Cases for OEM parts can be thought of as mobile billboards. When done well, branded OEM packaging can reinforce the value of your brand to existing customers, while generating positive brand awareness in the eyes of their colleagues and other industry leaders. On the other hand, an odd choice of case colors, unclear graphics or simply a poor design layout can be deterrents, even more so than OEM packaging that lacks any brand attributes at all.

The branding you choose for your OEM case should be an extension of your overall marketing efforts. Opt for colors and logos that tie in with your existing brand guidelines, while leveraging similar messaging from your website and other marketing materials. Together, these elements will help build a consistent experience for manufacturers that reinforces your mission and your commitment to quality, from the product itself to its presentation.

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