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When it comes to the design of consumer product packaging, research can offer some valuable insights on what matters most to end-users. Here are some jumping-off points to consider.

What Do End Users Value Most in Consumer Product Package Design?

In a 2016 E-Commerce Packaging Preference Survey, consumers were asked what their trigger points were in terms of frustrations with consumer product package design. The answers varied.

55% Said “Difficult to Open”

While consumers appreciate good aesthetics, consumer product packaging soon loses its luster when they realize it’s difficult to get to the product inside. End-users may find themselves having to grab scissors or a knife to puncture/tear open the packaging, or unraveling layers and layers of safety wrapping around the product to cushion it in transit. Aside from being time-consuming for the busy consumer, this extra step can create safety hazards as sharp objects are involved.

19% Said “Excessive Packaging”

Consumers value brands that take a proactive stance to help the environment — and this impacts their purchasing decisions. To this end, packaging that is far larger than it needs to be and wastes materials — or simply uses too many materials inside for cushioning — is a cause for concern among consumers. The same can be said for the consumer product packaging that is not reusable or recyclable and creates more waste as a result.

13% Said “Damaged Packaging”

When a package shows up at a consumer’s doorstep with dents and scratches, they are likely to be deterred from buying future products from that brand — even if the product itself remains undamaged. This can be attributed to the fact that consumers view a product and its packaging as two brand representations, and the damage to one can lead to concerns over damage to the other (even if there are no visible signs of problems).

8% Said “Non-Recyclable Materials”

Circling back to our discussion around sustainability, some end-users specifically cited a preference that brands use recyclable materials in their consumer product packaging. Consumers want to see brands move in a more environmentally responsible direction and take advantage of eco-friendly alternatives — even if that comes with a higher price tag at the start.

4% Said “Visual Appearance”

Looks may not be everything in consumer product package design, but they certainly have their place in a purchasing decision. From its color (which is often the first design element to capture consumers’ attention) to brand-inspired graphics (e.g., logos, icons), a well-thought aesthetic for packaging can create a positive visual impression that lends itself to positive brand recognition.

At Cases By Source, we develop consumer product packaging built for the optimal end-user experience, from ease of opening and fitted reusable designs to proper protection and eye-catching designs. Let us know how we can help you — request a consultation!


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