Is Your OEM Packaging Ready for a Refresh?

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The landscape for OEM packaging is changing on a regular basis — and it’s important that businesses know when to pivot their own packaging to meet current demands. 

How do you know when it’s time to hit the refresh button on your packaging? Here are a few tell-tale signs.

1. Competitors are Making OEM Packaging Changes

If you notice competitors are making investments in higher-quality OEM packaging materials and branded designs (to name a few examples), it may be time to rethink your own strategy. Considering the impact packaging has on the impression of a brand and purchasing decisions, the OEM packaging that is more protective and visually appealing is more likely to win business.

2. Business Partners Have Reported Packaging Issues

When OEM packages end up at the doorstep of businesses with visible damage, recipients are bound to feel not only frustrated but also worried about the quality of the product(s) inside. And because the products are integrated into a larger system (whether it be a vehicle or computer), concerns tend to be even greater in these cases. Any reports of packaging dents or tears upon arrival should be addressed in a proactive manner so businesses can position themselves in a positive light.

3. Current Solutions Don’t Align Well With the Brand

While OEM packaging may do a good job of protecting products, many businesses miss out on the opportunity to use it as a tangible representation of their brand. When OEM packaging uses a brand’s colors, logos and other messaging/graphics (versus a plain black case, for instance), it builds recognition with existing customers and generates awareness with potential customers. This attention to detail and thoughtfulness around OEM packaging is appreciated by customers, who align these efforts with the quality of the product(s) stored inside.

Experiencing Any of These Signs? Talk to Cases By Source

Whether it’s competition, visible damage or a lack of branding (or perhaps a combination of the three) that’s prompting you to refresh your OEM packaging, Cases By Source can offer help.

Think of us as your turnkey partner for custom OEM packaging solutions. We’ll design a custom protective case aligned with your brand, manufacture it using the most economical and effective techniques, and have it delivered directly to you.

To get the conversation started around your project, request a free consultation with our team.


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