3 Things We Can Learn from the Popular Apple Unboxing

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popular apple unboxing

It’s hard to think about the unboxing experience without thinking about Apple. In a simple YouTube search, you’ll come across a plethora of unboxing videos showcasing the latest iPhones, iPads, MacBooks and other products from perhaps the most recognizable brand in tech.

While the videos themselves are entertaining to watch, there are some takeaways that businesses can garner from the videos — ones that can help them enhance their own unboxing experience and make a positive impression on end users right off the bat.

Lead With Ease of Use

In the unboxing experience, there’s a natural tendency to want to lead with aesthetics. After all, an eye-catching design is sure to peak the interest of an end user — and the viewers of an unboxing video.

But the popular Apple unboxing tells us otherwise. Instead, usability should be the point of focus. We can see this illustrated in the way Apple not only makes their boxes easy to open, but also how the individual components within the box are neatly organized so users can easily get their new device up and running.

Make Your Product the Focal Point

You’ve invested a lot of hours into creating an innovative product for your end users. And as the Apple unboxing experience helps reiterate, it deserves to be the point of emphasis inside your packaging.

All too often, businesses lean into creative unboxing designs that can actually wind up overshadowing the presentation of the product. Apple utilizes a minimalist design that combats this effect. As soon as individuals open the packaging, they are greeted by the sight of the product they’ve purchased, creating an immediate sense of both excitement and gratification. That’s a win for end users, and a win for product-focused businesses.

Create a Consistent Feel

Apple is known for its extensive line of consumer technology products, but one of the bonds between these unique products is the cohesiveness of their unboxing experience. Whether users are opening up the latest iPhone or the newest MacBook, the experience is designed for ease of use and to be product-centric. What’s more, all of the packaging utilizes the brand’s signature logo and simple, elegant white color scheme.

The end result of these efforts is a cohesive feel for users anytime they purchase and unbox an Apple product. For other businesses, establishing this consistent feel across packaging delivers meaningful benefits, from increasing brand awareness to building loyalty with existing customers.

Create the Optimal Unboxing Experience with Our Help

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