Product Packaging & Consumer Behavior: How the Two Relate

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We’ve talked quite a bit about the idea that packaging is part of a product, not just what stores it. And consumers, as research has shown, seem to agree. Nearly three-fourths of Americans cite packaging design as having a direct influence on their purchasing decisions.

So what exactly is it about product packaging that influences consumer behavior? There are a few elements that factor into the equation.

High-Quality, Branded Product Packaging Can...


Make Products Stand Out Among the Competition

Consider all of the headphones that sit on a retailer’s shelves. Chances are a lot of them share similar qualities — from their look and sound quality to power and connectivity features. So on paper, it’s natural consumers would be equally drawn to any of these options. That’s where product packaging can serve as a differentiator, and guide consumers in a specific direction.

In retail stores (and online), products only have a short window to be noticed by consumers and make a good first impression. In a distracted world, that amounts to about 7 seconds before a consumer makes their decision about your product, and whether to give it consideration. With product packaging that is recognizable to your brand, relatable to your target audience and informative to consumers, the odds are much better that you’ll capture the attention of potential purchasers, for the right reasons, and earn their business over the competition.

Enhance the Perceived Value of the Product Inside

Circling back to the headphone example used above, it’s often the case that one of the shared qualities between related products is their price point. Yet, layered on top of the product’s listed price is the perceived value — what consumers think the product is worth to them based on their evaluation of various metrics. One of these metrics is the way the product is packaged.

High-quality, branded packaging for products lends itself to a higher perceived value. This can be attributed in part to the quality of the materials used to package the product (including the seals), differentiation of the packaging structure and shape in alignment with the brand and the use of intricate design elements like embossed logos or company emblems, to name a few examples. Collectively, these packaging design cues can reinforce the value of products stored inside, and make consumers feel as though they are getting more of a return on their investment.

Packaging Matters — and We’re Here to Help

While there will always be some degree of guesswork when it comes to consumer buying decisions, one thing is for certain: packaging matters. From the use of eco-friendly materials to uniquely shaped solutions that convey your brand, the optimal packaging design can help you sell more products and boost your bottom line.

As a designer and manufacturer of custom packaging solutions, Cases By Source can help you turn your vision for packaging into a finalized product that will influence consumer decisions and move them toward your product versus the competition. To discuss a solution with our team of experts, request a consultation today.


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