How Packaging Can Make Or Break a Product Presentation

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It’s no secret that the dynamics of sales presentations have changed dramatically over the last year. As virtual presentations remain the preferred format for health and safety reasons, we also know that salespeople are eager to get back on the road — and when the time is right, we want to ensure they have the packaging they need for a successful in-person product presentation.

While packaging is a critical part of safely transporting products to a sales presentation, it also plays a critical role in how a product is perceived upon arrival, which in turn impacts potential buy-in from sales prospects. Here’s a closer look at the various factors that contribute to this perception — for better or for worse.

The Quality of the Exterior of the Packaging

As you open up the conversation in a product presentation, the packaging that houses your product(s) is making a statement of its own. Consider the scenario where a sales demo case arrives with frayed edges, loose fasteners and dents alongside its exterior. While some of these issues may have been caused in production and others while in transit, collectively, they send a message that lacks care. Naturally, prospects will associate this message with the product itself.

On the other hand, if sales materials arrive in a professional, well-engineered case, this positive impression funnels down to the product as well. The inclusion of unique brand identifiers — from molded-in logos to an embossed company name — adds to the quality of the case, while further defining the brand in the eyes of the prospective customer.

The Organization Inside the Packaging

While the contents of a sales demo case may be in order when they leave an office, that’s not always the case when they arrive at their destination. Amid vibrations and bumps in transit, products that are not properly secured inside the case can inevitably move around. At best, the case is disorganized when it arrives at the presentation. At worst, stored products are damaged. In either case, a prospect is likely to take notice during a product presentation.

A good rule of thumb with any sales demo case is that every element inside should have a home. While custom foam inserts will keep products cushioned and secure while on the road, additional features like literature pockets inside a sales demo case provide added organization. The more organized a business is in a product presentation, the more effective (and efficient) the conversation with a prospect will be.

Don’t let poor packaging break your product presentation. Partner with the team at Cases By Source to develop a custom case solution that will wow your prospects and move the needle in the right direction. It all starts with a consultation — schedule yours today!


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