5 Questions to Ask Potential Protective Case Manufacturers

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Sometimes it’s a matter of cost, sometimes it’s a matter of quality, and sometimes it’s a matter of capabilities — or perhaps a combination of these elements. Businesses have different reasons for being in the market for protective case manufacturers. But what they do have in common is the need to ask the right questions upfront so they can make the best investment for the future.

Here are five questions that provide valuable insights into choosing the right manufacturer.

1. What Are Your Top Priorities When Working with Customers?

While protective case manufacturers may share some similar values, some companies place more emphasis on certain aspects versus others. Price is a common example. Manufacturers may center their pitch around the idea of providing the most cost-effective case solutions on the market. This appeals to businesses focused on conserving costs — but in many scenarios, it’s the overall quality that matters most to businesses. 

Asking about the top priorities of a protective case manufacturer can help you understand what it is they value most and how that aligns with your business’s strategy. The two should ideally go hand-in-hand.

2. What Kind of Manufacturing Capabilities Do You Have?

Flexibility is an advantage when it comes to working with a protective case manufacturer,  and that’s especially true in terms of the manufacturing capabilities they offer. Generally speaking, the more extensive the list of techniques they use, the better they’ll be able to serve you today and years down the road. 

Whereas injection molding may be the best option for cases built to house your current product, rotomolding might be the better option for your next product — and at that point, you may want to consider branding your protective case with a logo or trademark. Finding a protective case manufacturer now that has capabilities to address future needs puts you in a better position to develop a long-term partnership and seamlessly scale.

3. Do You Offer Support from a Design Perspective?

In-house designers at your business can have a lot on their plate. So when a protective case manufacturer also offers design services, it can help you balance this bandwidth issue (now or in the future) — while bringing a fresh design perspective and unique experience to the table. There’s added peace of mind on your part as well, knowing your design will remain in the hands of your manufacturer and that their designs will take manufacturing into account from the start.

4. How Do You Make Quality a Priority?

It’s one thing for a manufacturer to say quality is a priority. It’s another to demonstrate it. While design-for-manufacturing capabilities and innovative manufacturing techniques support these initiatives, other measures like third-party certifications, tests and inspections should also be a part of their quality assurance checks. The goal here is to ensure that the manufactured case meets your aesthetic and technical requirements on the production line and that it retains these qualities upon arrival to you.

5. What Kind of Customer Service Support Do You Offer?

Good customer service is integral to the success of any custom case project — be it waterproof cases to protect electronic devices, lightweight equipment cases for medical devices or custom foam inserts to cushion delicate instrumentation. That’s why you’ll want to get a sense of how a protective case manufacturer communicates with their customers (and how often), ensuring that resources and touchpoints are in place to facilitate project success. A track record of long-term client partnerships can be a positive nod to the fact that customer service is a valued priority.

As a protective case manufacturer, Cases By Source is eager to answer these and other questions you may have for us. Contact us today to get the conversation started!


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