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One Road Case Designer Tool Story to Inspire You



As a musician, Jeremy has experienced the frustrations of broken equipment arriving at his shows. In an effort to keep his delicate items safe in transit, save unnecessary costs and avoid disappointing his fans, Jeremy used the Road Case Designer online tool to create the ideal road case solution.

Let’s take a closer look at Jeremy’s journey from frustration to resolution.

The Challenge Jeremy Faced

While Jeremy was able to tote his guitar onto commercial flights with an extra ticket, it was a different story for other equipment — from amps to microphones. These additional items had to be shipped via truck to different locations, with the hope that every item remained safe in transit.

The problem was that many of the road cases Jeremy used for these items were stock cases that were large enough to fit the equipment but not tailored specifically to its dimensions. This resulted in extra space within the stock cases, giving equipment more room to move about the case and subsequently be damaged. Not to mention, these larger-than-necessary stock cases also cost Jeremy more to ship items from point A to point B.

While Jeremy knew he needed a custom-built solution to keep his equipment protected, he found that many companies offering these services weren’t able to help him. Why? Jeremy only needed a small number of road cases, and these companies catered to bigger bands with large orders.

The Solution Jeremy Found

With the Road Case Designer online tool, Jeremy was able to design a handful of cases that met his exact specifications, from dimensions and materials to foam inserts and lid types. The design process was made simple with the online tool’s intuitive interface — one that showed a 3D version of the case with design and pricing updates shown in real-time.

Once Jeremy finalized his design and placed his order, Cases By Source turned the custom road case designs into finished products, combining industry expertise with the latest manufacturing techniques. Three weeks later, Jeremy’s road case order arrived at his home — with the end result being just what he had hoped for.

Now that you’ve read about Jeremy’s story, tune in to this video to watch it unfold:


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