The Role of Shipping Cases in Trade Show Marketing

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Shipping cases are often thought of as a means of safely transporting products and other items (like booth displays and marketing materials) to trade shows. While this is their primary function — and protected items are bound to make a positive impression on attendees — shipping cases can also support trade show marketing efforts in other ways. The key is customization.

Shipping Cases Can Market Your Brand

Trade show booths are treated as a 3D representation of your brand, and the same sentiment should apply to your shipping cases as well. From the use of branded colors to a stenciled logo on the case’s exterior, your shipping cases can boost your brand awareness at trade shows — all while exuding a sleek, professional look that is sure to capture the attention of attendees.

By integrating your shipping cases into your overall trade show marketing strategy, you achieve a more cohesive look and feel at the event — and this degree of consistency is important. Like your trade show booth, reinforcing your brand identifiers in your shipping cases avoids sources of disconnect that can confuse prospects and weaken your brand in their eyes. The more firm you are in your brand messaging and look, the more receptive attendees will be to your brand, and the more likely they are to notice you in the future.

Shipping Cases Can Streamline Work On-Site

While trade shows may be centered around certain industries and demographics, the needs of attendees can still vary across the board. Let’s say you’re a medical device manufacturer at a trade show specific to the medical device industry. Cardiovascular specialists may ask to view your electrosurgical products, while neurologists may ask to see your display of hemorrhagic stroke products — and both could be interested in literature relevant to these product lines.

As the face of your organization, it’s important that trade show personnel are able to quickly adapt to the needs of attendees without feeling flustered. With a sophisticated and structured design, shipping cases can support these trade show marketing initiatives. A tray-style case is a prime example. While product lines are displayed in a secure, organized fashion, one tray can easily be removed to reveal additional product lines beneath it or reading material for attendees.

A color-coded system can also increase productivity on the trade show floor. If the staff knows that the dark blue shipping case contains electrosurgical products and the light blue shipping case contains stroke products, they’ll know exactly where to go behind the booth to find what they need.

Design Your Own Trade Show Shipping Case

Shipping cases tend to be overlooked in trade show marketing strategies and treated more as an afterthought versus an integral part of the event. But with opportunities to build brand awareness and have more productive conversations with attendees, the value of shipping cases in trade show marketing can’t be overstated.

With the online Road Case Designer tool, designing your own trade show shipping case is easy. You select the dimensions, materials and colors (among other specifications) for your road case, with your rendering and pricing updated in real time, and our team of experts will build it for you.

To get started, try out our design tool today. As you plan for future trade shows, you can be confident in the ability of your shipping cases to protect the most delicate of items in transit.


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