3 Tangible Brand Elements to Consider

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There are a lot of variables that distinguish one brand from the next. Some of these elements fall under the umbrella of intangible, while others are tangible brand elements.

The easiest way to think about tangible brand elements are those collections of detectable symbols that define a brand and its products. Physical in nature, these variables represent the sensory side of your brand that funnels into your overall identity.

Here’s a look at three examples of tangible brand elements.

1. Logos

Of the design elements that define a brand, a company’s logo is one of the visuals that stands out the most. Brands like Coca-Cola have become universally recognized for its trademarked script logo, with variations introduced over time to celebrate the company’s storied history and maintain a modern look and feel. 

As the foundation of your brand identity, your logo is meant to not only make a memorable impression on prospective customers, but also be easily identified by your customers. 

2. Colors

Did you know that brand color alone can increase brand recognition by 80%? Brands like Tiffany & Co. have made a mark with their easily recognizable signature colors, and other brands have followed suit to create a similar effect. 

The brand colors a company chooses should be strategic in nature, aligning with the emotions of your target audience and their attributes. While red can create feelings of stimulation and appetite (making it a popular choice in the food and beverage space), blue can establish feelings of expertise and trust that make it a favorable option in the tech field.

3. Graphics

Imagery has the power to communicate messages to a brand’s target audience. In the case of audio product manufacturer Sonos, for instance, music-inspired graphics overlaid with loud pops of color are used to illustrate the feel of the product experience.

The graphics you use in your branding are most effective when they help communicate the key sentiments behind your company as well as your unique product features.

How Custom Packaging Ties Tangible Brand Elements Together

Product packaging is itself a tangible element that ties into a brand identity. But it’s also an opportunity to integrate brand logos, colors and graphics into a medium that packs a more powerful impact. Not only does it function as an ambassador for your brand, but it also can sway modern consumers to engage with your product and make a purchase.

At Cases By Source, we have years of experience designing and manufacturing custom packaging that’s outfitted with unique brand identifiers. With a range of capabilities that extend from Pantone Matching System (PMS) color match, to molded-in and embossed logos, to screen-printed graphics and labels, our team of in-house experts can produce the ideal packaging that resonates with your product and your brand.

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