What Does Unique Packaging Mean Today?

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Unique packaging was once a matter of adding bold colors and graphics into the mix. The thought was to grab the attention of prospective buyers with eye-catching designs, veering from the more traditional packaging designs occupying space on store shelves.

But today, the conversation around unique packaging goes far deeper than that. It’s less about dramatic flair and more about looking at packaging from a holistic perspective and how it ties back to the overall story of one’s product and brand.

Assessing the Complete Unboxing Experience

The exterior of a package may be the first interaction a prospective buyer has with a product, but it’s only one layer of their unboxing experience. Brands like Apple have set the precedent for the value of thinking through how packaging works from the inside out and other companies are taking notice, adapting and applying those ideas in their own initiatives.

And that’s with good reason: In one McKinsey study of factors that play a role in a U.S. consumer’s purchasing decision, 61% cited ease of use as extremely or very strongly important. This not only speaks to the accessibility of opening a product’s packaging, but also the ease with which consumers can access the product and use it once unboxed.

With these variables in mind, the organization of a package’s interior becomes a critical point of conversation in what makes packaging unique. It’s those designs that include a well-organized interior that securely stores products and components, in a format that is intuitive to the product’s end use, that will stand out for the right reasons.

Leading with Your Brand’s Story

Attention-grabbing visuals still have their place in product marketing, but from a product packaging standpoint, the visual is less about the impact and more about the identity of your brand. In today’s world, unique packaging means capitalizing on those variables of your brand that make it innately unique, from colors and logos to its mission and vision.

The easiest way to think about unique packaging is as a chapter in your brand story. To be effective, it needs to fit into the context of the story, as veering too far in one direction or another can create confusion for the individual on the other end (the consumer in this case). It’s far more beneficial to design product packaging that utilizes the same unique brand identifiers to create a degree of consistency that resonates with your audience.

As packaging design and manufacturing techniques have evolved, the possibilities for branded packaging have too. Translating the Pantone Color Matching system into a packaging design has become more feasible, while the advancement of hot stamping, embossing and other branding capabilities have produced more clean, precise visuals to showcase your company’s unmistakable marks.

At Cases By Source, we evaluate the complete unboxing experience and utilize branding capabilities to bring your unique packaging ideas to life. Connect with us about your project today!

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