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The Trademarks of Successful Trade Show Displays

Trade Show


When attendees walk the floor of a trade show, a lot of elements compete for their attention. In what’s described as sensory overload, attendees are naturally tuned into the sheer volume of people at the event, the sounds of conversations between them and what’s often rows upon rows of exhibition booths.

While trade show displays can be a great venue for generating new leads and increasing sales, businesses — amid a sea of other vendors — feel the pressure of getting key decision-makers to their booth in the first place. Sure, email and social media communications can help get those individuals who are already familiar with your brand to your booth. But it’s ultimately the layout of a trade show display that will draw attendees in and give them a reason to stop and say hello.

So what makes a trade show display successful? Here are a few trademarks that fit the bill.

Make It Easy to Interact with Products

It’s exciting for attendees to hear about all of your product’s unique features and capabilities, but it’s much more powerful for them to actually see what your product can do. As you demonstrate how your product works, you have the opportunity to engage with a larger audience as well as generate a degree of buzz that attendees are likely to pass around as they network at the event.

Any time products are transported to a trade show, we realize there are concerns over safety — whether it’s sensitive medical instruments or consumer electronics. And considering the bumps in the road, turbulence in the air or any mishandling/storage of the products, these concerns are valid. That’s why it’s critical to invest in a protective case that uses quality materials and designs to respect the integrity of your equipment at every corner.

Maintain a Consistent Brand Design

With all of the moving parts that go into a trade show display, the race to the finish line can lead to a disconnect between the end result and the overall brand. For instance, a business may want to look outside-of-the-box to give their booth a visual impact, but this level of creativity may cause the brand identity and message to become lost. (As they say, less is more.)

Your trade show display should embody the same elements as your larger marketing vision — a clear representation of who your business is, its values and why customers should invest. Let’s say you’re an eco-friendly manufacturer of consumer goods. In that case, your booth might be made of recycled materials, flanked by energy-efficient lights to illuminate the space.

This effect trickles down from the display itself to the cases used to transport items to the event. Sleek custom cases in your brand colors with a stenciled logo on the exterior offer another opportunity for brand recognition as team members arrive at a trade show event. Not to mention, they’ll also exude authority with this professional look.

Create a Good Atmosphere for Personnel

While an engaging display is sure to bring people to your booth, the value of friendly faces can’t be overstated. In what can often be a chaotic environment, it’s important that personnel behind the booth are set up to maximize face-to-face interactions with attendees and form connections.

Let’s first consider this from a set-up perspective. If the cases that store items for a trade show display are heavy and difficult to carry, chances are your employees will be fatigued by the end of set up and may not be able to get up and running on time. Subsequently, if the same case doesn’t fit the exact size and shape of cargo, it can become difficult to locate relevant materials (from brochures to product samples) when needed.

The good news is there’s a way to melt away these headaches: a custom road case from Road Case Designer. Not only are these durable road cases tailored to product specifications with branding opportunities available, but they also are lightweight and mobile. A shorter set-up and takedown and increased on-site organization prepare employees behind the booth for success.

Ready to turn your idea for a case into a road-ready reality? Try out the DIY Road Case Designer Tool today, and see how easy it is to design road cases for future trade shows.


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